welp, here I am in DF jail

This place literally rocks.

This place literally rocks.

There was a thread on the FFXIV subreddit the other day, asking for people to provide reasons why they would abandon a duty in progress. Personally, I very rarely do, but I’m not above doing so if the group is consistently wiping to various things because either the tank or the healer are not pushing their buttons adequately.

Such was the case this morning. I waited 58 minutes in DPS DF hell for a level 50 dungeon to pop. I hopped into Pharos Sirius NM with a newbie but lvl 60 white mage, mentor (which means nothing but that the individual has played this game too damned much) tank, and a goon who took forever to zone in (slow computer or, very likely, ps3 (upgrade your hardware, ye bum)).

The tank grabbed two sets of trash mobs, I got set up with a quick burst of DoTs and the SMN bubble of doom, and we went at it. Tank died. Healer became stuck in an infinite loop of trying to keep himself healed instead of keeping the goon and me alive (FACEPALM), and because I had used swiftcast for my opener, by the time I got a ress off for the tank, he had recalled to the beginning of the dungeon to run back to the group. The creatures hadn’t dropped aggro and so we wiped again.

It took the healer until the first boss fight to figure out why we were hesitating over and over near him, because he was the only one with the ability to cast protect in here. (FACEPALM x 2) We wiped on the boss because the goon had terrible reaction time (seriously, why are you wasting everyone’s time with a hugely inferior machine?) and the healer was standing in poo and casting medica over and over. I healed myself when I needed it, and otherwise Garuda and I simply carried on. No one dealt with adds, which is pretty much required in here, and while I cast my DoTs as often as I could, because everyone was wailing on the boss, more spawned than I could keep debuffs on. We wiped after tank died and the goon failed a Hail-Mary LB punch. We wiped a second time because healer was not hitting his best healing spell over and over, and ignoring everyone else.

We wiped three more times on trash after that, and on that last recall, I decided I’d had enough. I kept most of my snark in check before noping out, but did type, “You’re in a level 50 dungeon, learn how to push your buttons.” I deleted “GD” before “buttons” before hitting enter and abandoning this ship.

I then spent the next 20 minutes rooting around in the kitchen looking for breakfast noms, and amusing myself with a hilarious rant complete with flailing arms and a monologue. “You’re in a level 50 dungeon level-synced from level 60, and while you cannot use some of your best spells in here, you had spent the first 50 levels learning how to push your buttons. You get Cure I at level 2 and it carries you all the way to level 60 and is often used in end-game battles more than any other. What in the world is wrong with you that you cannot use one single finger to use one single spell over and over? Make a macro if button-mashing doesn’t appeal to you. Better yet, go back to Sastasha NM and start over. Even better, go to the very first guildhest at level 10 and have at it! You can farm comms that way, which is fantastic and saves you from wasting the time of other people trying to get through content that is not that difficult! ONE SPELL, USE IT DUMB ASS!”

*smacks own forehead* Yeegads, teh dumb, it burns.

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majestic AF

Wait for me, guys!

Wait for me, guys!

I thought I’d do a quick trial roulette on Woo the Summoner to see what could be seen. I got Shiva HM, which entails two healers, two tanks, and four DPS going at a primal lady. Fairly simple, routine fight.

The first set of circles on the ground happen, to which the two healers promptly stand in areas where two overlap, and die immediately. One of the tanks and one DPS biff it as well. Half our party obliterated and we haven’t even gotten to the fun part.

I select the first healer on my list, and long-cast Resurrection (as I had used Swiftcast for my opener, surely people won’t die that soo–yes, yes they did). While they staggered back to their feet, I got the second one selected, and long-cast that one too. Both healers were now back up off the floor, not quite sure what had just happened but getting back into it. One of the healers opted to heal the group rather than themselvs, so I made sure they were topped off, then glanced at my party list to see who else needed it. One healer got to the DPS before I could, but I got the other tank back up while everyone else continued whole ham on the boss.

The tank biffed it again, to which, once more, I got him back up, and even availed myself to a DPS who had survived the initial derp but had fallen since.

I spent more of the run dodging mechanics and ressing errebody than DPSing, but we got through it in one go.

I looked at my comms afterwards, and saw I’d gotten 6 of the 7 comms available. lmao


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land rush

Even properties in the Goblet sell out fast.

Even properties in the Goblet sell out fast.

I’d heard from some helpful soul a little while back that reclamation was going to soon be a thing on or around November 10th. In a nutshell, for those people who have not logged in for a span of time (~45 days), and specifically had not entered their in-game house in that time, they lose their house and the plot they had purchased. They can go to a vendor that hands them back roughly 80% of the gil they put into the property, as well as some of the furnishings they had placed on their property, and the property goes up for sale.

It’s a relatively rare event, seeing a property for sale in the aethernet residential wards. It’s much more common for players to sell their property to a buyer for in-game gil. There are forums for that. It’s much cheaper to acquire a plot that is just out there in the open waiting to be sold, but for those who want the instant gratification, coordinating with another player to buy their plot can be a thing.

Anyway, a bunch of houses opened up just yesterday due to the game developers making a sweep of inactive accounts, and the properties held by such. Mildly curious, I looked at the Ul’dah Goblet ward where [Momo] and I share a house on [Cactuar], and saw that the small plot just next door to his was open. So now my main [Gin] is a homeowner too. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, but I thought 1) it’d be cute to own the property next to his, and 2) I can try to sell it later if I don’t want it, or perhaps hold it for someone later if they want it. Of the three districts available, the one in Ul’dah is least popular, but eh, it’s an investment if nothing else, and in the meantime, yay house-making. So that happened.

Wonder elezen alt [Woo] hasn’t leveled enough in her grand company to acquire a personal residence, but I do still have the FC hall to play with, and so yesterday I did so. I ended up spending the entire day just playing with furniture placement. *snickers* I’m paying a monthly subscription to play The Sims, apparently. Along with the quality-of-life items I had acquired in the first blog entry I’d devoted to the topic, I now have:

Each floor (basement, ground floor, second floor) has its own theme going on because why not. The main floor features the living space, vendors and storage, while downstairs will hold the bath, and perhaps a tavern-looking space, and upstairs will probably have a moogle theme because I am hopeless, with a bedroom and probably crafting furnishings of some type. I’m not sold on these ideas, it’s just an idea I’m going with for now. I’ll need to get a second summoning bell and perhaps one more vendor to assist with the craftings as well.

I invited [Momo] and in-game friend Izzy to visit the place, and they made positive noises.

My FC is still quite empty, but this has been so much fun to play with.

[Woo] is nearly done with the 2.0 storyline, and is on the cusp of wandering to Heavensward content. I should get on that. But the housing thing is so fun…

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more FC stuffs

*birds chirping and all that hippy stuff*

*birds chirping and all that hippy stuff*

Through some really serious gaming of the marketboard, I had amassed a modest purse of gil, with an eye on getting a house for my budding free company. Whenever I was in town, I’d check the aethernet for openings in all of the housing wards, not really expecting to find anything, but hopeful.

A couple of days ago, some plots started opening up, medium plots, which I baaaarely had enough money for but could definitely hop onto. The first one was a plot in the Goblet, but there was someone standing at the spot where you’d purchase the thing. I wished them good luck, and decided to wait for another. Suddenly, I noticed one open in Lavender Beds, and ran over there, my heart pounding and my full purse jangling. Lo and behold, there was no one else there, to which I happily scooted up and purchased the thing before I had a second thought. Bam, house bought.

…Sooooooooo, now what?

Quality of life items. What’s a plot without a house? Another 1 million gil sunk into that, a three-story thing with certainly enough room for my merry band of dorks. I’d been holding off on buying any furnishings until I got the house bought, because I couldn’t anticipate how much I’d need to throw at that first, though I’d had “enough” money for weeks.

Anyway, after I built the house (and bought a couple furnishings for the front because me), I looked at what was available. My first purchases included:

I don’t have enough gil for the Armoire or The Unending Journey just yet, but those are on my list of absolute must-haves.

This alt of mine also didn’t have enough rank just then to purchase a Miniature Aetheryte so that my little troop could teleport directly to the house, but I grinded on fates yesterday and managed that late last night. Oh yeah, I also got the Chocobo Stable as well, in case any of my little ones fancy stabling theirs sometime. That reminds me, I’ll need to get a garden thing so that I can get into that too–veggies and fruits for coloring chocobos, and onion things for minions and rank-ups for zee birds.

I’d like to eventually get some furnishings for this house o’mine, but that’ll be a project. If nothing else, perhaps it will encourage me to pick up gathering/crafting for the first time ever. I should have a list of needed materials, and fling those at a crafter to make the things.

Anyway, that’s it for now, my lowly alt (I just unlocked Snowcloak last night so I have a LONG ways to go in MSQ) has her own FC and a medium house. I’m jealous of myself, I never really thought I’d have either, but I’m so glad I poked at that. ^^

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just FC things

Sniffles were had.

Sniffles were had.

Today’s been all sorts of busy.

I got my newest alt, the shortest elezen ever, to 50 this morning, and decided to celebrate by investigating what all is involved with creating an FC for myself, made a PF ad with my need for some warm un-guildized bodies to fill a party so I could make the thing, and loitered around a bit.

I thought I’d have to level an FC from rank 1 all the way to 8 on my lonesome, but pretty soon I got a private tell from someone named Bruno who offered me a rank 8 FC for sale. I told him I didn’t have a lot of gil and that I’d be happy to just make one like I was. He mentioned his price: 300k. I told him to talk to me some more about this here FC he wanted to unload on me. lol

We met face to face, and just like that he added me to his FC, gave me lead, and then informed me he was handing it over to me for free. I caught him in a trade window and flung 500k at him, because hell, that’s a lot of work he just saved me. He hopped out of the FC, and I was suddenly guild leader of my very own FC. There’s no house attached with it, but that’s (I hope) easily remedied as I DO have funds for thus. A couple friends said they had alts they wanted to add to it for lulz, and there we have it, a merry band of four dorks. I informed each person not to have very high expectations for this thing, I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it, it’s just hella fun to mess with and it was something I’d wanted to do for a while. We are now the FC of Hugs, and our crest is a purple flower on a pink heart background. lmao

One of my members has huge anxiety about interacting with others, but is quite amused by the FC name next to his and reckons that it’s a nice and random ice breaker moment for people he comes across. *cracks up*

Next on my list of conquests is a house, obviously. I have a few people on the lookout for properties for me. Nothing’s open just now but even a small one would be spiffy keen. I’d REALLY adore a medium and have enough gil to buy one outright, just not enough to afford that AND whatever one would wish me to pay the relinquishing fee as well. I’ll be working on that. Why a house? Convenience and an excuse to decorate. It is shiny. And a house attached to an FC is much preferable to just a basic house. You can hand that sucker off to someone else for a larger fee later with very little strife. But for now, MINE!

Who knows, the FC leader gig might become a fun thing.

SPEAKING OF FC LEADERS, I got word this afternoon that the leader of the FC I’ve been in ever since I arrived on Cactuar is going to go poof to another server. I logged into my main character immediately to ask her if she needed anything at all. She consented to a hug, let me know who she’d chosen as leader, and that she’ll keep a lookout for my alt where she’s heading (I have an alt there because of course I do). *sniffles* I told her there was going to be a very large void on my friends list, she agreed with that.

Our entire guild will miss her quite a lot bit. She was a rare person–present daily, very welcoming of new people and helpful to all, happy to volunteer for stuffs to help people clear, all that hippy stuff. A genuinely good person with no drama, just a pleasant friend who encouraged everyone else to be just as informal and as social as they pleased. She fostered a very positive atmosphere in our FC, and I hope that continues despite her absence.

And yes, it’s silly to be emotional about pixels, but I’m thinking of the people behind those pixels, particularly if they’ve been was warm and awesome as she has been to all of us.

I let the new leader know that I was around if he needed anything at all, to be admin or a sounding board or whatnot. He works dreadfully long hours, but he’s as present in the game as I am aside from that, and a cool person besides. We would all rather that our existing leader remain, but I agree with her choice. I wish only to support them and facilitate a continuing positive and drama-free place. Our FC is much more about the casual and midcore side of things, and I’m hoping that continues to be a thing, it’s my kind of FC and I’d not enjoy having to find another to embody that role. We’ve lost a few members of late, people like our ex-leader who want to raid and be at the screaming edge of content. It is the nature of MMOs, you find a niche that you really enjoy and want to indulge more, and any FC has to be dynamic enough to let people figure out what they want out of this silly game we all play, or it will become stagnant or an unpleasant place to be. Anyway, we’ll see what comes of the shake up.

An interesting day, to be sure, that could not have been anticipated, heh.

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oh DF

Derfderf DERF derf.

Derfderf DERF derf.

So, I tried a guildhest the other day. To set the scene, my alt was level 37 SMN. The guildhest was level 20, to which I and the rest of the merry band were level-synced to level 20.

For those of you who are not familiar with Summoner, we summon things that fight with us. Level 4: Emerald Carbuncle, ranged magic DPS. Level 15: Topaz Carbuncle, melee tank. Level 30: Ifrit-egi. Level 35: Topaz Carbuncle turns into Titan-egi. Level 45: Emerald Carbuncle turns into Garuda-egi.

Okay, so, I appear in this instance, take note of what level we all are, and I click on the one summon I can use here without being griped at: Emerald Carbuncle. We go at it.

Tankypoo comments snarkily after the first pull: “A summoner with carbuncle? What?” The keyboard warrior continues to gripe and bitch and moan as we go: “Oh my God, bring out Garuda. Are you a noob?” “Wtf aren’t you using Garuda? OMFG.” And on, and on.

So I take time out of DPSing, because I felt the need to correct him. “I can’t use Ifrit because we’re level-synced to 20. I’m level 37, and thus I won’t meet Garuda until level 45. I can’t use Titan because you’ll be fighting him for aggro of the mobs. The only summon I have right now that 1) I can use and 2) is appropriate for this fight is Emerald Carbuncle. I have Titan and Emerald Carbuncle. That’s it. wtf do you want me to do?”

He shut up after that, and gave everyone a congratulatory “gg” at the end of the run. “Whatever,” I responded, and noped the eff out.

He had level 60 everything, surely he remembers at least a few details of the class he’s busy snarking about, right?

Super genius, that one.

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It's over 9000!

It’s over 9000! (What “it” is, I don’t know, but it’s a lot.)

I made another alt. Of course I did. Inheriting the dead FC on that one server solidified my wish to create and nurture one on my main server. I like the FC that my main and Momo are in and I have no wish to change that. However, I love the idea of having one anyway. I think most of the appeal comes in just being the boss of something, and also the possibility of owning a home on a medium-sized plot, not that I (or an alt) can’t have a medium home without a free company, but the thought is just really appealing. It’s a persistent idea, and I really want to act on it. That’s why the alt was born, so that I can indulge in that but not move my main from where she is. I think I’d make a good guild leader, I just think that the free companies that are out there now are already way established and no matter how much time I spend in one, it’s highly unlikely anyone would ever view the list of members and say, “Yeah, that one right there, she’s been engaged and social and helpful, I want her to lead.”

So, how to make an FC? The first step is, of course, to level my new alt to 50 and max out her grand company rank. Money would help there too. To that end, I’ve picked up all the crafting and gathering classes on the wonder alt with an eye on working on that in my (HAHAHA!) spare time. For months I’ve parused the FFXIV Housing Market subreddit, keeping an eye out for available properties on my server, getting an idea of the going price for a medium (or large, HAHA) plot. I’m anticipating that I’d need at least 50,000,000 gil to both afford the release and the purchase fee. It’d be nice if I could find one with an FC attached, but at any rate, that’s a lot of gil. I better start saving up now, huh. Obviously this is a very long-term project, but it is one that I wish to undertake. So we’ll see how it goes.

Meanwhile, in my own FC, we’ve been collecting “prizes” (minions and such) to give out for contests and events. I’ve been on our events committee for a bit, but with bf’s health problems of late, I haven’t been able to do much there, logging in mostly to just level the alt and do things alone. I should work on that too.

We have three newbies in the FC who have been highly motivated to level and do things, so I split my time between the new alt in the morning, helping the newbies in the afternoon, and then spending time with Momo in the evenings if he’s on, and continuing to help the newbies if he’s not. We’re all fairly chill and enthusiastic about the game, so we all gather in Discord voicechat and giggle our way through the evening. It’s been really fun. Momo’s amused to have a small circle of friends to do things with. Good peeps, I hope they stick around for a while. 😀

I suppose that’s it for now: alts, musing about FCs, and neglecting my duties in the one I’m in. lol!

Oh yeah, DF story, nothing too interesting, but I saw the world’s worst healer the other day. In leveling the alt, I needed to clear Toto-Rak, and a friend who’s slowly leveling up a tank class hopped in with me. The NIN we got was fine, but the level 60 everything WHM was a piece of poop. He refused to heal, and just Stone II’d everything instead. Because I’m rocking ACN/SMN, I was happy to heal my tanky friend so that we could get on with it. Final boss, tank friend dies, to which I start casting res to try to get him back up because I know damned well that the WHM isn’t going to bother. WHM and NIN continued trying to kill the final boss while I stood in the corner trying to get my not-swiftcast res off, watching my health dip because the WHM sucks. I died from not being healed, to which the NIN used limit break and WHM died. Days later and tanky friend and I are still shaking our heads at that guy. Yeegads. Who queues as a healer and then doesn’t do the one thing they queued for? LOL

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stuff is happening

More with the blah blah.

More with the blah blah.

It’s been a while since I blithered in here, and since I’m paying a yearly fee for both the domain and the webhosting, I figured I better damned well use it.

So, patch 3.4 dropped, and it’s been fantastic. There are some small quality of life improvements that have definitely improved my life, so yay for that. Hell if I remember what they are, they’ve become the standard and the old ways don’t matter. lol My characters [Gin] and [Tera] on Cactuar, and [Fem Roe] on Balmung, are all rocking the new Grand Company squadron thing. The squads are filling out nicely, if slowly. I’m still working out how to use those most efficiently, as the end result is an increased rank in my GC, and therefore access to more goodies.

The aforementioned characters have each also picked up a Wondrous Tails book from the kitty kid in Idyllshire, and I look to that for things to do after my dailies.

My daily routine consists of the following:

  1. Log into any character over lvl 17, wander over to the Gold Saucer (if I hadn’t logged out there), and do daily cactpot and weekly jumbo cactpot. It’s a nice casual way to grow each characters’ pile of MGP, and if I ever log into these characters to actually play them, it can be useful later on.
  2. Log into [Fem Roe], and:
    • gold saucer, natch;
    • GC squadron thingies;
    • Centurio Hunts @ Foundation;
    • Mebbe a roulette or two to fill out Tails log.
  3. Log into [Gin], and:
    • gold saucer, duh;
    • GC squadron thingies;
    • Centurio Hunts @ Foundation for MNK (currently lvl 58, almost there);
    • Leveling roulette for BLM (currently lvl 37, a work in progress, leveling so can get rid of lower level DPS caster gear)
    • Things with Momo, usually filling out Tails log or just derping around with roulettes or things we haven’t done before.

That’s pretty much what I do daily these days. Fem finally reached end-game content so I’ve been pushing gameplay on her a bit more than my main [Gin], especially since [Momo]’s time is spent drowning in college homework anyway. I saw someone on Balmung advertising their FC on Party Finder last week, took a chance and joined, and it’s been pretty good. There are a few people who love helping drag newbies on things, and since I already know the things and bring with me a first-time bonus and a second chance point for everyones’ tail log, they’re quite happy to spend the half hour or so it takes to drag me through stuff.

Right now I’m working on Fem’s ilvl, it’s i187 just now, and I have my eye on getting it to at least 220 in order to tackle the newest dungeons and MSQ stuffs that require me to get better gear. No character of mine has gotten past the Nidhogg NM fight just yet. I have to do that at some point. Ugh, stupid bottleneck fights. I’ll poke at that soon, since the recommended ilvl for that fight is something that even the most casual players can manage with the newest update pushing 30-40 points past that. I’ll have a better chance now. Maybe.

SPEAKING OF FCs OH MY GOD. I logged into an alt on a server I never log into (that daily cactpot yo), and realized that I hadn’t heard anyone in that FC say hello to me in some weeks. I peeked at the free company panel, and noticed I was guildleader. Wait, what? Looking at the logs, I saw that a bunch of people had abandoned the FC I’d accepted membership to some months ago from a random invite, and one individual besides me logged in fairly consistently, to which he inherited the default role of leader when the leader nor any of the people in ranks higher than him didn’t log in for at least half a year. He took some goodies out of the guild chest, took all the gil, handed the reins over to me (probably because I was the only person who had bothered to log in in 6 months), and left, himself. My little level 18 character is the leader of a top rank FC. This tickles me quite a lot bit. I started poking around at settings (because I will never realistically be guild leader on any other “real” FC), nuked the absent members until it was just me, renamed the guild and its tag, and went to investigate the house. There isn’t a lot of neat stuff in there, but it is a house, which would be worth some gil just by itself. If I wanted to sell the dead FC. That’s just fun as hell to play with, even if it is just by myself. I don’t feel any pull to level that little alt in any meaningful way, but it is fun to have inherited a house with an FC attached. I can get more money than usual for that. If nothing else, I should level up that character enough to get retainers going, to which I can sell the other random stuff left in the company chest. If I got more motivated, I could ask other people to come in and get some airships going, as expensive as that is. lol! I don’t know, but it’s a thing, and it’ll be there if I ever poke at it later.

Hmm, I suppose that’s it for now. I managed a ten minute speed run of Antitower just last night, as everyone knew what they were doing and though I was way undergeared on Fem, I mashed my buttons like mad and sang Foe, to which the healer happily hopped into cleric stance and helped nuke all the things. The tank saw us going to town and dragged all the things as far as she could, and we burned it all down incredibly fast. That was quite satisfying. I got all 3 comms from that. ^^

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maintenance = update!

'Tis I, Gin Fails!

‘Tis I, Gin Fails!

Hello, invisible and nonexistent readers, ’tis I, your friendly shitposting gaming blogger with another entry of self-absorbed mutterings of things of no interest to anyone but myself, woo! lol

Gosh, where to start. I’ve been rocking summoner almost exclusively on my main on Cactuar, [Gin]. She’s now at level 58 SMN/SCH, and just before the servers went offline for the night, I squeaked through the class quests I’d neglected to pick up until then, Summoner as well as Scholar. I grabbed a couple of new skills that I’ll need to read up on in order to incorporate them into my end-game rotation. I did a bunch of roulettes, and once more was able to res the dead healer at critical moments. I love this class/job.

I’m lugging around an inventory full of level 59 and 60 caster armor that I can fling onto her as soon as I reach that level, not complete sets, mind, but things accumulated in a long span of time spent in roulettes featuring higher level gear loot. I don’t think I’ll bother to glam anything silly until I get to the end-game for those jobs, just because it costs a lot to keep using glamour prisms on new outfits, lol.

The Summoner job is really fun to play, and I generally remember to mash all the buttons in the right order. I have a few helpful macros that help me along the way, things that position a pet in a particular place, causes the pet to use a particular skill, or to focus on my main rotation so that I don’t have to spread my situational awareness too thin. Unlike Bard, where I’m miffed that I can’t jump around like a jackass with Wanderer’s Minuet on, I am comfy standing in one place to cast the things, and stepping out of the poo if I need to before resuming my rotation, sometimes even managing to run inbetween spell castings.

Anyway, I’ll try to get Summoner to max level after the servers come back up (a full 24 hours later, boo hiss) just so that’s one less thing to worry about inventory-wise. I can nuke the not-end-game armor once I get WHM and BLM up to max as well, but SMN/SCH is a really good start. I’ll probably work on getting those two to 50 soon, to which I’ll only have one DPS class under level 50, most everything else at 60 or closing in on it. Hooray for projects.

Another alt of mine was born, this time on Leviathan–a few friends from Brynhildr are dissatisfied with how the old FC and that server are, poked around to see which server would be optimal for raiding, and transferred their characters there. Some opted to go to Gilgamesh. The group on Leviathan started working on the FC, and in a matter of four days has gotten the guild to maximum rank, with a house and most of the comforts of the old place, sans the fancy moogle exterior. I’m working on leveling that alt during the daytime and late at night when I’m least likely to see Momo online. It’s neat talking to our old FC mates again. Momo appeared in the Discord voice chatroom the other night and was greeted quite enthusiastically by everyone. He was rather chuffed at that. It’s making him mildly want to make an alt there, but has nixed the idea as he feels he doesn’t have time on his main as it is. And with school coming a few hours from the time I write this, his game time is now going to be quite limited.

Sometimes I’m “meh” about doing daily and weekly cactpots on all my varied alts, sometimes I perform them daily and sometimes just a few times a week. It’s worth doing as often as I can, as it allows me to accumulate MGP for shinies later. It’s kind of funny being a sproutling alt faffing about on the turtle mount.

Tomorrow’s patch update promises to be a busy one for those alts of mine who have entered end-game territory. I’ll probably poke at that on [Gin] first, then [Tera], before perhaps poking at others, or perhaps I’ll just continue maxing out jobs one by one on those two before branching off into whatever alt I feel like being on at the time. The Yo-Kai Watch event disappears next Tuesday morning, so I’m quite motivated to get the stupid mount on two more alts if I possibly can, specifically my alt on Behemoth, and the newest alt on Leviathan. I’m a little more than halfway done on the Levi alt, and a little farther behind on Behemoth. We’ll see how I do, I managed to get the mount on just about everyone else I plan to keep around for reasons. rofl *thumbs up*

I suppose this is enough blither for now. ^_^

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and this is why I like Summoner

Unlimited.. power!  Mwahahaha!

Unlimited.. power! Mwahahaha!

I’ve been leveling alt classes on my main character for the first time in forever, half out of boredom and half because I’ve been neglecting playing my main at all of late, lol. Summoner and scholar looked shiny to me just now, and so I’ve been puttering at that. I’ve quite enjoyed summoner on a couple of alts, and figured I’d give it a go on my best-geared character for laughs.

I’ve leveled exclusively via DF and hunting logs, and derfing around with the class quests as they come up. I’ve been mostly rocking the summoner side of things, though I have finally set up the hotbars on the scholar side as well in case I feel like healing for a bit.

Last night I reached level 50, which opens up some more roulettes and allows me to wander over to the Heavensward side of things for sidequests and such. I had poetics coming out my ears with the (now completed) Binding Coil quest series, and so I decided to spend them frivolously on Ironworks gear, some of the swankiest old-ARR top-tier gear back in the day. I didn’t have enough poetics for one ring, but other than that, my ilvl is 123 or so, thanks to the SMN book I got from T13.

Anyway, I needed a half level’s worth of XP to get to 50, and hopped into a late night leveling roulette to see what I’d get. I entered immediately into a train wreck in AV, and I could see why–the tank was okay, the healer was rather lackluster, and the other DPS was there for a clear and seemed happy to stay. I arrived in the room just before the last boss, just as the tank died (presumably) again, and I shot off a res just as they recalled back to the beginning of the dungeon to raise themselves and run back. We all wiped there.

We got through the last bit of trash before the final boss, and then headed in and went at it. We nearly wiped several times, but because I can heal (badly) and raise (occasionally), we managed to eek out a win. The healer died at one point and I’m so glad she didn’t recall out of the instance, I hit my res macro and she was up within seconds. While she was getting herself situated again, I flung as many heals at the tank as I could, whose health kept dipping dangerously low but didn’t bottom out, so, between the two of us, we managed it pretty well. No one got Bad Breath from that damned morbol, so it was just a matter of sticking around long enough to get its health to 0%. I split my time between placing dots on the big guy, AOEing the little guys, and casting as many heals as I could on anyone who needed it (we all needed it). It was an uphill battle but we did finally get it.

The healer thanked me for the res, I got no comms from that run but I know I did good. It felt good to have helped to turn that nearly abandoned run into a success. I’m good at that with these support classes like bard and summoner. I think I even like summoner a little bit more because of the healing/ressing aspect, a bard’s songs are useless if there’s no one around to play music to, haha.

I need to get my class questing on so that I can focus on roulettes today.

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