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Fashion, bitches.

Since my main became kitty girl, my glamour addiction has gotten out of control. Every day I come up with a new outfit, it seems, with rarely any repeats. One of my retainers is just for glam items (and also lvl 1-49 gear, which isn’t much now that I’ve leveled nearly everything to 50+), and I try on different things to see what appeals to me that day. I do wish there was an option to go barefoot, I think my character would wear those a lot, I think of her as a bohemian hippy type. LOL Anyway, glams, just a regular part of my character’s day.

Catching up!
I finally got brave enough to try Dun Scaith for the first time last week, and I’ve made about five runs in there so far. Last night I tried it without the dungeon notes, and I think I did pretty well. I died a couple of times but was otherwise able, as summoner, to res other people who derped. I still don’t understand the yellow and blue orbs very well but I just watch where everyone else is going and make a beeline for it and try not to get hit. I can probably talk Momo through it when he’s able to tackle it. He was hoping to have a small block of time the other day last week but RL intruded just as we were getting ready to go. All good, he’s worth the wait. ^^

The other day I asked a guildie how he was doing, and he lamented about being i210 and needing i220-i230 to get on with MSQ and the end of Heavensward. With Stormblood so close, I thought I’d help guide him towards the elder game content, and he has responded magnificently. Just in 12 hours his ilevel jumped to i233, good enough to get through the last dungeons of the existing expansion. He has a solo duty and some cutscenes left before he’s done-done, but the finish line is in sight, and he has projects for other things while he waits for the switch to be flipped. Good stuff.

I wanted to get an alt on Faerie as far through Heavensward as I could, so that I could help a couple friends who are on that server and still stuck in ARR content. I got her to level 58 and I would have liked to have gotten further but I’ve had friends on Cactuar loudly yelling at me for not being on my main, even though I explained quite often the project I had set for myself and wanted to focus on. The alt is locked out of further MSQ until she gets to lvl 59, and queues just haven’t been popping, mostly because I can only get on late at night when bf isn’t being a pest and people on Cactuar go to bed. Anyway, I resigned myself to doing more on my main, the alt will be there when I can focus on her next. *sighs*

[Hora] married an alt of mine a couple years ago because I wanted the chicken, and it turns out that we’re pretty close friends. That broke when I transferred my main over, and Momo transferred with me. My main is tied to Momo and there is no discussion there. Hora asked me to nuke the alt’s bond to him, and I did so. We still chatter pretty often and occasionally we do stuff together, I always lavish him with hugs when we do. Anyway, he’s been derping with a newer friend who joined his free company, and announced there was a wedding in store. I attended. I don’t know his friend at all but I’m glad he could find someone to bond with. After breaking things up with my alt, he swore he would never attend or do this quest again. I’m glad that changed, and I hope that this new arrangement is a positive one for him. This game has been both a positive and negative thing for him, I’m hoping that the good outweighs the bad, I still think the world of him and am glad he has something (and someone?) fun to focus on.

I’m trying to think of anything else I feel like making a post about. I’m not thinking of any.

The Heavensward story cutscenes have made very little sense, and it’s so muddled with so many different NPCs hopping in and out that I can’t really, err, bond? with any of them. I very much didn’t like how they handled [that one scion]’s disappearance from MSQ, and [the other one]’s [redacted] really affected me, I liked him. The Warriors of Darkness was just goofy, it felt like all three of these could have had a lot more going on to keep them around, but the end of the expansion rushed them the hell out while I was all, “Wait, what? Where are you going?”

Because of the above, I have taken note that there are entirely no scions on the new poster for Stormblood. The hell, are they all going away in one form or another? What the fuck are we doing all this button-pushing for, then? Ah well, we shall see.

The expansion (well, early access) lands the day after my birthday. I have already warned my bf that I’m going to be entirely useless for a couple of days after that, glued to my computer and screaming through the things. I’ll have to make sure we have plenty of munchies so that I can minimize my stupid afk’s due to him. lol

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