Kōfun shite mimashou.

So, Stormblood. Comes out in a matter of hours. I’ll likely be asleep when it first launches. I’ll suffer the usual congestion and queue times in the morning.

I pondered what I’ll do when I first get online. I logged out in front of my house, anticipating that the first thing I’d want to do is dump some furniture from my retainer into the house to arrange it better later. I’ve been at max quota for months. It’ll be nice to redecorate.

Second, I’ll clean up my hotbars and adjust my rotations for the two classes I intend to tinker with first, SMN and BRD. Both got a little neutered, one sadly, and one happily. I may main bard after being a solid summoner for the past half year. Wanderer’s Minuet and the lack of damage killed it for me in Heavensward. Let’s see if the return of instant cast abilities nudges me back to what was my former main job.

Thirdly, I’ll try out some combat with Centurio Hunts, assuming that’s still a thing. I’ll be curious to see if Slepnir can yet fly. Anyway, I wanna try out the new skills and make sure they seem kosher and intuitively placed before getting on with my fourth task, MSQ.

I spent the day cleaning the house, doing laundry, and cooking a buttload of food so that I don’t have to get up for anything more than potty/coffee breaks for the bulk of tomorrow. And I got into a pretty deep conversation with my FC leader that spanned late into the night last night and throughout the day today. The topic had to do with emotions, quite a lot bit of them. she’s happy to have someone to talk about stuffs with. I’m happy to listen. Seems a win-win. I thought I might play another game or something but talking amused me for the entirety of the day, it went fast.

I suppose there’s nothing more to be done tonight but sleep. G’night, Gracy!

Edit: Oh yeah, I fantasiaed just before the servers shut down as well. Dragon girl, for however long that lasts. I like kitty girl better. I may make a pitstop as a Hyur too. Dunno yet. FIN!

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