*stops in, makes update*

How I imagine things get storyboarded in FFXIV. Not really.

Soooooo, it’s been a while. 🙂

I’ve been playing on my main character on the main server I play, which is weird because I have so many alts I could dink with on this and other servers. I couldn’t tell you why my main character has been sufficiently shiny for me for a while now, except that she’s the most developed? I’ve been indulging in crafting lazily (grand company turn-ins) and gathering actively (actually going out and finding things), to which all my crafters are pushing level 40, and my gatherers are nearly all topped out at 60.

Finding gear for those classes has been difficult–I was dismayed to find that the vendors in Foundation and Tailfeather don’t sell level 50-52 stuff for them, though there are NPCs for battle and magic gear for every slot. Happily, since sometimes I buy armor for newbie friends reaching 50+ and paruse the vendors in yet higher level places, I noticed that there are, thankfully, a few options at level 55 or so, so I haven’t been completely undergeared.

I’m still fumbling around with figuring out collectables and the unspoiled nodes. I’ve been amassing some links to help me with those, whenever I feel like actually setting my mind to them. Rotations and such. I’m not too serious about it, and am just happy to do the minimal stuff to get the dratted things leveled.

I’ve also been indulging in playing BLM and WHM a bit more often. I still heal like shit and my tanks die often, but as long as I stick to the lower level dungeons, I’m fine as far as healer anxiety goes. The BLM is 52 and kicking arse with her rotation, though I’m missing some really important stuff, not having yet completed the level 45+ class quests. There are a couple classes I’ve completely leveled up but haven’t completed the class quests on, because I can’t push my buttons fast enough. *glares at DRG and SCH stuff*

I’ve gotten all of my tanks to 40 now, just grinding fates for a couple hours at a time or until I get tired of the Central Highlands of Coerthas. There are a few other scrub tanks leveling that way as well, and I’ve had some fun putting on my tank stance and stealing aggro from them. There’s one particular fate in the north of the map that concerns a big fat dragon and some littler riffraff. Someone always seems to run over to the big guy and start wailing on him before I can get over there to get aggro going, but with enough shield lobs and whatever other ranged crap I have, I can usually drag it away and across the bridge, where I can go to town, not involve the riffraff, AND situate the dragon just so, rear and flank areas open for DPS to do their positionals pretty solidly. The dragon has a cone of ack that he deploys often. I step out of the way as soon as I see it, and even before the animation of “rawr I’m casting the thing” is over, I’m standing in the same spot I was before, and continuing my barrage of stuff.

I just upgraded my armor so that I’m not so squishy, and with my trusty chocobo out, I have a pocket healer, but also an extra source of DPS if I’m feeling confident that I’m not going to get swarmed to death. Free stance has been quite a thing lately, not bad after lugging him around in healer stance for quite a while. My bird, by the way, is very nearly rank 19. \o/ I and a few other guildies feed whoevers’ birds are in the stable, ranking them up and such. I seem to be the only one growing the carrots that get fed, and our stock has been diminishing of late because the supplies for that are expensive and I shouldn’t be depended on for 100% of them all the time. Anyway, I have 3 crops growing now so new stacks will soon be in the company chest.

We’ve had a few new people join my guild since last time I wrote, who have become pretty close friends. One guy was dissatisfied with the drama on his old server, made an alt on mine, liked our free company so much that he transferred his main character over and hopped right in. He got a lady friend from the same server to make the transition as well, and a few days after that had a conversation that turned warm, to which they’re now dating. They’re so cute together. ^^

Two other sproutlings are new to the game altogether, one was running around as a lvl 42 ROG and the other a lvl 33 ACN, I told them to unlock NIN and SMN, to which they’ve been rocking those pretty well alone and together. I saw them in POTD the other day and asked if they wanted a tour guide, they invited me in, and we did the things. The sproutlings are on PS4 and can’t type in-game with their controllers very well, so I’ve hopped into voicechat with them there when I’m not busy on Discord, and they’ve bombarded me frequently with questions about dungeons and rotations and things they should be doing next. They seem to have taken all the information and run with it, so I guess that’s a win. We don’t spend a LOT of time together but they know if I see them doing something, i’ll ask if they want help, and usually they say yes. lol

So, my days are split between things I do alone and things I do with or for others. When I’m not being dragged on dungeon runs (a few friends are leveling alt classes and like me along), I derp with gathering or tanking, sending my squadron out on endless missions, and doing whatever daily turn-ins I can. Aquapolis is also a thing, using the highest level treasure maps and seeing if a portal pops up for it. A few players and I met randomly through party finder one day, one made a linkshell, and we’ve taken that over as a map-centric thing. One person will mention they want it, others will speak up, a party develops (and usually fills up completely), and we go to town until we either run out of maps or we get tired and RL intrudes. I drag some of my guildies with us as well. It’s been a fantastic and casual/random/spontaneous thing, and I certainly can’t complain about the gil income I get from that.

Momo’s been offline with a hefty workload for school the past several months, and I miss him dreadfully. Quite a few other people, [Hroth], [Hora], and some of my newer friends have also been busy with real life and game burnout. I’ve felt lonely again, which is a dumb thing to experience in an MMO, but yeah. Actually pouted about it to myself for a bit yesterday. I’m ridiculous. XD

OH YEAH! I fantasia’d. My main has been a short lalafell for as long as I’ve played her. If I feel like playing someone taller, there are alts, but there was one particular itch that wasn’t being sufficiently scratched by playing someone a lower level, and so, since I had the money for it, purchased a fantasia and embiggened myself. I’m now running around as a female kitty, though playing a human appealed as well. I tweeted the day after I made her, “Welp, just hacked up a hairball, I’d say the transition is working nicely.” It’s been fun making cat jokes, and I really enjoy playing her. It’s also nice to see the armor look more grown-up. I don’t know why but the developers have made clothes look less detailed and more child-like on the lalafells–a dress that looks elegant on a taller figure looks too big on a tiny girl, who looks like she’s playing dress-up.

One of the minor reasons I change races was because there is a certain subset of the gaming population for this game who have a negative opinion of lalafells. Such doesn’t really bother me, I played one for 2.4 years, but the number of people noping out of the start of a fresh dungeon run has been too damned high, wasting the time of myself and everyone else who had queued up for a thing. They don’t say anything and of course it’s impossible to know for sure why a tank nopes out of an easy run of whatever, I’m certainly geared enough for the lesser stuff I’m prone to doing. The fantasia was a bit of a science experiment to see who left with me-as-kitty vs me-as-short-person. There’s been no noping at all. I have noticed an influx of garbage players lately, toxic people who quibble and argue and die then blame others for them standing in poo and even abuse vote-kick, but me being a kitty seems like it’s more likely that there’ll be a successful run of whatever. I have two fantasias left and I can change back whenever, but I’ve been rocking glamour with my kitty girl and I’m quite amused and appeased by her, and so for now, I shall continue to purr and fang.

Momo asked for screenshots when I let him know I was considering this, and so I’ve been spamming his PS4 messages with them. In fact, I’ve been so amused by the selfies that I made an Instagram account to share them on. lol It’s difficult to get screenshots from the PS4 to the Instagram app and I wish less steps were required to do the thing, but anyway, that is now a thing I do. Every time I figure out a new glam, I take some selfies with it. Just now I’m rocking a rather goofy ensemble with a corset, big floopy hat, and long skirt, like I’m from the 18th century or something. I don’t know why but I’ve been rocking the skirts a lot lately. Feeling more girly and such. It’s weird. XD

I think that about catches me up on everything that’s been going on, people and things to do and things to anticipate. The new expansion comes out a little more than a month from now, and I’m looking forward to that. Maybe some of my friends will play again.

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