update about lack of updating and stuff

People are weird.

I’ve had sleeping problems of late, and so I’ve been derfing about in game trying to either be awake or get sleepy enough to attempt that again. Ummmm, lessee…

New friend in game, he posted in the FFXIV group on Facebook asking for recommendations on servers and questions about gameplay, I spoke up for my home server, he hopped in, and he’s spent the last couple of days doing crap. He even joined up on Discord, but I see he’s noped out of the server I’m usually on, so, not sure what’s happening there. He’s still in my FC but I’m expecting him to either hop out or delete his character. Too bad, I gave him a substantial amount of gil to start off with. People are weird.

I got an email letting me know that SE was stocking the Encyclopedia Eorzea book again, hassled bf, and hopped on that. I should get it in a few days. Maybe. The SE store is entirely devoid on details regarding shipping, only to say that my order was successful and that it is scheduled for delivery, whatever that means. Yay very very shiny book. I look forward to reading it. There’s a lot of lore in there that never made it into the game, or provides some meta info on the lore IN the game. Should be fun.

I spent a couple of days focusing on mining and botany and got both of those to level 50+. I’m beginning to learn about lvl 50 stuffs for the first time, and it’s rather disheartening to find that though NPC vendors sell war/magic gear all the way to level 60, after level 45, there’s simply nothing found for crafting/gathering, it’s all quest gear, or highly expensive crafted stuff. Ugh. I was not expecting that rather silly roadblock. I’m still not quite sure what to do there. I am still slowly gaining levels on my various crafting skills, who are all in the level 35-37 range at the moment. Fishing remains my one gathering skill stuck in the low 30s, and as I put forth effort in that, I can finally burn those clothes.

Speaking of leveling, I’ve been giving occasional attention to black mage, white mage, paladin, and warrior. I grind fates with PLD and WAR because I still refuse to go inside a dungeon, and on Tuesdays are a fine way to gain some XP as well as fill out the challenge log a little and get me more recruits for my squadron. I barely do roulettes anymore unless someone in my FC calls out for one. I’m happy to occupy a space wherever, but meh.

[Cob]’s been quiet again, and [Momo]’s offline due to school. FC leader Izzy is popular and usually doing stuff with her core group of people. And with aforementioned newbie friend not having a presence in Discord anymore, I’m kinda feeling alone. I don’t want to do the extreme/savage content, which leaves me out of some of the stuff that most people online are there to do. Meh.

I may fool around with an alt soon on a different server. Dunno who yet, there are a few candidates I’d like to see get to level 60 and end-game content. Perhaps I’ll transfer the formerly named Tera Bell alt somewhere. Or perhaps I’ll delete her.

Whine whine whine. Perhaps there’s a reason I don’t update more often, lol.

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