Sprouts doing anything ever for the first time.

Since last time I wrote, I’ve leveled up NIN to 60. I won’t bother actively gearing it up, I reserve that effort for BRD and SMN, but I’ll happily upgrade a gear set if I pick up something shinier on a dungeon run that raises my ilvl a bit.

I’ve been noodling around with PLD and WAR, getting the job stones for both just within the last week. WAR’s at lvl 34 so far, PLD at 32. I grind fates to complete challenge log stuffs and get more squadron recruits. I have yet to step into a dungeon, though I’m starting to feel braver. I think I’d do better at tanking than healing, after green man Raistlin dragged me and a friend through Cutter’s Cry, me going as WHM and forgetting heals as I DPSed. At least I stayed out of Cleric Stance, as I was not going to gimp my heals misclicking at the wrong time. Deaths were had. I don’t think I can heal a dungeon any further than Qarn NM, and that’s pushing it a little. lol Ah well. Anyway, with my half-assed noodling of all the things, I’m getting levels here and there on my magic casters and tanks, getting rid of lower level armor and freeing up more retainer space, the main impetus for me bothering at all.

As far as tanking goes, I’m more comfortable as WAR and think I’ll be pushing that most often. I’ve noodled as GLA only with friends and lost aggro every goddamned place. That’s without a tank stance available, of course, and I don’t quite know what I’m doing, but ah well, that’s why I’m leveling with fates for the most part.

Lessee, any DF horror/humor stories? I messed up a mudra or two getting NIN from level 59 to 60, and in this one particular run of Gubal NM, the healer and other DPS mentioned I should perform the Huton buff as often as I could. I let them know that this was not my main class and that I had misclicked, and I was trying. They left it at that, did not fuss at me further, and we continued on our merry way. That went much better than me trying to cheese my way through level 53 MNK in level 51 Dusk Vigil. The healer on that doomed run would not stop fussing at me for not keeping greased lightning up and messing up my positionals because there was too much AOE poo being flung for me to stand still and brain the things. Ugh. I never did perform another dungeon as MNK thereafter.

UHHHMMM, what else… Continuing the casual crafting/gathering grind with Ixali beast tribe turn-ins and grand company missions daily. I’m somewhat stuck on the quest to unlock rank 5 with Ixali, as I can’t seem to pull high quality results out of my ass. I tinker with it when I can but again, I don’t know what I’m doing and I just want to get past the thing so I can get on with it. I try different things but still break the thing or derp it into normal quality because me. But the GC turn-ins I do daily. I get a level about every 3 days per class. Most are around level 30 now. I have yet to do a class quest since level 1 for any DoL/DoH class. I should make a day of that soon.

OH! Quick ninja edit here–I forgot the most exciting part–I moved houses! I had a plot in the goblet, and have been slowly gathering funds for a potential medium house down the line. I actually asked Pres and Lady to grab their stuff out of the cottage so that I could pick up and go if I needed to. I ended up doing so that night, as there was a plot open, still a small one but in lavender beds. I moved in, gave Pres & Lady access (along with Momo) again, and we’ve been playing house since. I’m very, very happy with it. It will do for now. ^^

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