Residential Housing Districts

FFXIV’s housing districts are split into three areas, one for each existing city-state. They’re additionally split into two sections each, the first including housing plots #1-#30, the second being a subdivision containing plots #31-#60. This is my cheat sheet for finding a specific plot quickly, regardless of ward. Each image links to a fuller-size image, complete with nearby aethernet shards.

Location: Mist
Aethernet Access: Limsa Lominsa*
Characteristics: Oceanfront properties, white cobblestone, palm trees. Very popular for this reason.

Location: Lavender Beds
Aethernet Access: Gridania*
Characteristics: Cabins and homesteads in the forest, mossy pathways, tall deciduous trees. Not as popular as Mist, more popular than Goblet.

Location: The Goblet
Aethernet Access: Ul’dah*
Characteristics: Sandstone dwellings on a desert plateau, stone walkways, little vegetation. The least popular of the districts, most likely to have the occasional openings and cheapest relinquishing fees.

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