*iz ded*

This damned emote has been amusing me for frikkin’ DAYS.

Is maintenance time again, so let me tell you the things.

[Cob] rerolled again, and a few days later is in level 50 territory again. He’s caught up to where our friends [Pres] and [Lady] are at as far as MSQ goes, and will shortly shoot past them on his mad dash to see level 60 again. Another relatively new member of our FC, Ria, is also in that neighborhood of quest doings, and I’ve been helping the two of them get over the hump of level 50; the level 44 and 47 dungeons are awful and grindy and it helps to have someone else along who knows the things and can just about guarantee a clear every time. We made a day out of doing level 50 roulette dungeons, quite a few first clears for both of them.

I’m still mulling over house stuffs. I kinda wanna trade plots with my main and my alt, as the alt has her own FC and a medium plot, and that keeps coming to mind as a shiny I’d like to play with on my main character. If I did that, I would relinquish my existing plot in Lavender Beds to Pres & Lady, and they’ve made positive noises about that. The other option is to keep the alt where she is, and keep my eye out for a medium plot. I’m not picky on where, though Mist is very shiny, and with a new housing district opening up in late June, I anticipate people will shortly start uprooting themselves in preparation of getting their own Asian-inspired dwelling. I’ve seen a few open plots so far, mostly smalls but a few mediums. Never a large, bwah. Anyway, I wanna see how much in-game wealth I can amass between now and, oh, April 15th or so.

New shinies appeared on the mog station, and I decided to grab the “play dead” emote, which has the user fainting dead away in some dramatic fashion or another. Each race, and each gender of each race for that matter, has their own variation of thus. The male lala version is funny as hell, and so I had to buy the emote for Momo, who promptly used it quite a few times. Hee.

The more I think about it, the more I think I wanna try to find my main her own medium plot, and leave my alt where she is. As soon as Pres & Lady have the means to afford my small Lavender Beds plot, I’ll happily hand that over to them and haunt the aetherytes for something open later. *nods* I still share a place with Momo and I have no need or want to change that, it’s a cute place. I just want something a little bigger to dork around with (and give Momo access as well for reasons, lol). Eh, it’s fun.

I looked at my retainer devoted to glam stuff and level 1-49 gear, and was amused to see that I’d cleaned everything out of there but some level 40+ weapons, and level 40+ tank armor. I’ve cleaned out my armoury chest as well, devoting that to whatever glam du jour I mess with on my main class, and whatever armor I am using or plan to use soon. My weapons tab is ridiculously full, but the other tabs are a touch better with me sharing armor across multiple classes–all the tanks, all the gatherers, and all the crafters for example.

In helping the newbie friends get through level 1-35 content, I’ve managed to get my WHM to 48. I never thought I’d get that far. I suck at it and I cannot brain how to arrange my hotbars to allow for highest priority skills first, but being level-synced to level 15-35-ish seems to agree with me.

I’ve gotten PLD/WAR to level 36 each, and I have yet to touch DRK (or AST for that matter, but that is not a tank), though I probably should lest I accidentally nuke level-appropriate gear that took me two years to acquire/hold onto for just this moment. I still level those through FATEs, and occasionally a run through PotD with a friend or two. I can’t imagine ever actually going out in public like that, but I derp around well enough with friends who understand I suck at it. I’m a career DPS girl, it seems.

I do think, having tinkered with both healing and tanking, that I’d enjoy tanking a bit more.

I can’t think of anything else I feel like blithering about, and so FIN.

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