My house embiggened!

So, since the last time I wrote, I did indeed release my little cottage in the forests of Lavender Beds, so that Pres & Lady could buy it themselves. They’ve been quite tickled with it since.

After I came into the market for a house, I gave myself two criteria. One, if a small cottage opened up in Lavender Beds or Mist, I’d consider it, but two, if a medium opened up in any of the three housing districts, I’d hop on it, even if that meant I called Goblet home, which was likely as houses seem to open up there more often than the others. I have nothing against the Goblet, the area is just confusing as hell to navigate, and it’s visually not as pleasing as forest or beach is to me. Whatever, I’m more concerned with the inside anyway, and to that end, the exterior (and therefore location) matters much less to me.

I saw a small open up in Mist, I looked at it and considered it, then decided to take a chance and peek at the other housing districts to see if a medium had opened up as well. I looked in Mist, nothing. Lavender Beds, nothing. Goblet, no–oh, hey, ward 5 had a medium. Welp, there we are. So now I have a medium residence in the desert. My front yard features some greenery and a water feature so that I don’t feel completely sunburned.

My alt also has a medium, but I’m content to let that sit, and if I feel like poking at that later, there are some options with what I can do with that. Get rid of it, noodle with it, whatever. I wanted a medium on my main character, as that’s where I’ve been spending the most time, and that’s where most of my in-game funds lay. So I flexed my fingers, opened my wallet, and sunk not only 17mil on the plot itself, but another 1mil on the house, and another 2mil on decorations. I think it looks pretty swanky, and have invited other people to visit, who have made positive noises. There’s more I want to do with it, perhaps sink another million on crap, but it’s a really fun start.

I got a lot of decorating ideas/inspiration from, which features Japanese-speaking players who have really set the bar for interior decorating in this game, glitching things to look even more visually appealing than what the GMs might have originally intended. Seriously, browse that website. People seem limited to four total photos per set, but it’s very artsy and clever. The gallery gets added to all the time, arranged with the most recent updates first.

Really fun stuff. I’m happy that I got a medium house on my main character. Another medium opened up this morning in Lavender Beds, but I’m quite satisfied with what I have. I gave housing permissions to [Momo] (of course), Pres&Lady, and [Cob], who seems content to stay FC-less, but does like the access to mender, vendors, and marketboard/summoning bell. I made sure to put all the shinies in my house that are very convenient, such as the armoire, the company chest, 3 vendors and the mender, and even bought the Neverending Journey, an object with which one can revisit past cutscenes. Naturally, I also had to get a summoning bell and crystal bell for reasons.

The main floor features a living room and kitchen area. The kitchen area has a fridge (Riviera armoire, an empty tall box with no purpose but looked fridge-like), sink, counters, back splash, shelves above, and a breakfast nook with three stools. I put a table in a corner with two chairs for more formal eating. lol That corner is on the side of the house with the stairs leading down into the basement. I completely walled off the railway to make that look like a room someone could go into, with a door that opens up into the basement.

I considered also walling off the stairs leading upstairs but decided I liked the feeling of there being a foyer and entryway, and kept it open. It also provides me a nook for storage, and the Neverending Journey desk along with a comfy chair to sit at.

The living room took some doing, but it features a sunken fish tank with blank walls on either side. I’d somehow acquired a piano from a retainer venture about a month back, and so I sunk that into the wall and set in a cabinet with somewhat matching wood color, to make it look like an upright piano. To the left of the fish tank, I continued the sunken wall, with a fancy staggered floor shelf in front with a few knickknacks on it. Because the blank wall hid some depth behind it due to how the fish tank is situated next to it, I decided to develop that into a half bathroom. *peals of laughter* Had to. *nods*

Momo saw it when he could log in for a bit, and immediately declared the downstairs to be his. He wants to do something different with his house that we’d shared for so long, and so he picked up a bunch of the furnishings that don’t fit the mancave he’s planning and dumped it in my abode, much of which I’ve absorbed into my place. LOL As you might have surmised by the amount of time I’ve spent writing about it, I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. The upstairs is mostly bare, as I’m waiting for Momo to do his thing downstairs and I’m running a little short on total items allowed and want to give him room to set down what he wants.

You might also surmise that I haven’t been arsed to do much with dailies and dungeons and whatnot, and you’d be quite correct.


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