crafting is stronker!

I can do amazing things with rocks, wood, and plants!

My main’s crafting classes are all level 30, with the singular exception of Armorer, which is 29 and should be able to join the others a bit later today. I’m a lazy person with lots of other things to do (generally fueled by challenge log and wondrous tails), and so I spend a portion of my gil each day on things wanted by my grand company for whatever reason, earning a bit of experience for each craft or gatherer I involve in the turn-in item. The list of stuff my GC wants every day is nearly all found on various level-appropriate vendors, and so I head to a few NPCs who sell the crap I want to buy, get the items, head to the marketboard for anything I couldn’t buy from the vendor, and then head to the GC area to do the thing. I’m sure there are better ways to level them, but this frees me up to get back to the stuff I’d prefer to be doing, leveling war/magic classes and helping people with dungeons.

The other day I had an idea that required an exterior decorating item, noticed it was a level 30 recipe, saw that all the ingredients could be purchased from a couple different vendors (again, lazy), saw that the item was in my crafting log of Things to Do, and decided to do the thing. Worked out nicely, and I grabbed enough materials for three others of the same object, with an eye on putting them up on the marketboard later. It’s nice to be able to do that now.

I’ve been spending a little time in idle moments leveling up my gatherers, either by gathering log or by leves. I knew that making my retainers gatherers would push me there, as they keep maxing out at whatever level I’d left off on, which necessitates me getting back out there and getting another level under my belt so that my minions can get on with it again.

I’ve also spent an hour in FATEs just about every day on each tank class to get some level love on them. Mentor status is shiny. I’m surprised, but I think I’m enjoying paladin more than warrior. WAR’s rotation is more straight-forward and relies on getting hit to get healed, while PLD is stronger in the defensive category. Huh. I still have never set foot inside of a dungeon, with the very rare exception of helping a newbie friend or two get through a very early dungeon, and with the understanding that it’s all very lulzy to me and I’m not good at it. I find it slightly more enjoyable than healing–just pick a spot, push my buttons, receive healing. Meh. I’ll have to figure out a better rotation for a couple different scenarios soon, ie getting-aggro vs doing-damage, as I’m finally getting high enough in level that it is beginning to be a thing. Stances, whee.

One positive benefit of bothering with leveling is that I’m finally able to start throwing away some really stinky old pieces of armor and other low level detritus that I’ve been lugging around for YEARS waiting to use the stuff. Now I’m able to stash more crafting materials and house crap on my retainers, yay.

I’ve long since maxed out poetics and lore with almost literally nothing else to spend the alternate currencies on, having acquired nearly everything I need for the varied anima steps aside from the actual grinding of things I can’t get until I have the weapon in hand. Joy. I picked up the quest a bit ago but haven’t been arsed to plug away very seriously at it. It’s another thing to do when it comes to mind or someone else expresses a need. Meh.

Just noodling lately. I’m quite happy with my house and spend time noodling with that too.

A friend referral who had dropped off the interwebs like 8 months ago just came back online the other day to message me. He jogged my memory of our origins together, I re-added him to my friends list, and he explained that life had happened (divorced, new gf, new job) and that he was picking up the game again. He sounded surprised that I’m still playing this silly game. Uh, hello? Have you MET me? He got his gf into the act as of yesterday evening. So I guess there’s someone new to hang out with unless he and she wander away again.

Pres & Lady have been burning out on the game, and Pres specifically has had nothing positive to say of late. He has been complaining rather loudly of the elder-game MMO grind, and instead of focusing on the one thing that would open up all the areas within a day for him, he’d rather spin his wheels and complain about the mud. I don’t have much tolerance for people who complain about how a game is–I mean, if it’s not enjoyable to you, then why are you not off and playing another that’s a more positive experience for you?–and suggested that perhaps a break might be in order. He logged off after several minutes of deafening silence, and I’m sure he was mildly offended by the comment, but come on. There’s one specific thing he wants to do, and there’s one singular dungeon he has to complete once in order to do the thing he finds most shiny, and he’s been sitting on that dungeon for about 3 weeks. He doesn’t want to do it. He’d rather just complain about it. I don’t get it. lol

They’re both offline to do other things for now, and Lady made noises about talking to me again soon. I hope they both come back, freshly ready to conquer the few things left to do before the expansion lands. There’s lots of time to sit back and forget the thing for a bit. The game will be there if/when they’re ready for it. In fact, while writing this blog entry, I paused for a moment to write Lady specifically, asking if I’d said anything that tweaked either of them negatively, and that I hope whatever they’re getting into next, that they’re having fun.

Two in-game friends are getting married today, and a few others are part of the ceremony and celebration. I hope they take lots of photos. I think it’d be fun to add them to Facebook as well. But I generally wait for others to add me, I don’t want to be a pain or to intrude, you know? Ahh, the joys of being an introverted wallflower.

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