wrap-up for no weason

Me waiting for any queue pop ever.

Heh, whenever I listen to FFXIV-themed podcasts, the hosts generally like to ask each other, “So, what have you done this week?” They start rattling off the things that have been shiny to them, to which I have to pause the audio so that I, too, can think about what I’ve done in game recently, and then I think about writing here, and here we are.

UMMM, lessee. Recently, my personal daily shinies have been:

  1. mini (daily) and jumbo (weekly) cactpot, because me;
  2. daily turn-ins with the Ixali beast tribe and my grand company, because the Ixali are my last ARR tribe not completed, and the grand company stuffs are a great way to passively/lazily level my various crafters and gatherers;
  3. roulettes, because shiny Shire gear is shiny;
  4. squadron tinkerings, whether I’m sending my increasingly lala gang on the weekly big missions, or doing challenge log stuff to get more recruits (and potentially more lalas);
  5. grand company and centurio hunts for those nummy seals;
  6. and whatever else people need me for.

I am a bad who will never be top DPS, but I am at least responsive and know every dungeon and can explaininate the things to people who might not be familiar with the mechanics of whatever, and avoid the usual derps that incur a wipe in whatever dungeon. Just the other day, an FC mate needed to run a low level thing as tank, and so I happily hopped in to help. DD and AV are not on anyone’s favorites list, but I always volunteer for those because I know them and can help others know them as well. We wiped once because the healer was particularly bad, but we made it through, a little scuffed up but not black and blue and bloody like some of the more memorable runs have gone.

I’ve been leveling NIN, which is now at level 58, doing the above noodlings on that class, and pretty much living in leveling roulette. For one, that levels me up, but nearly every run has also been with a newbie with a bonus, and for the small price of having to guide them through the things, I get a second chance point, which allows me to apply the Wondrous Tails sticker from the lvl 1-49 or lvl 51-59 slot elsewhere and free up the aforementioned slot for another run, and potentially another bonus point later.

I’m enjoying NIN a lot more than I did MNK, mostly because there are minimal positionals and aside from the mudra nonsense, I can happily go to town on single or multiple targets as situationally needed and get on with it. Since my last class leveled was a ranged magic class, it’s kinda fun to get up and personal with some of the bosses and reacquaint myself with some of the melee mechanics I’d forgotten from noodling with DRG and MNK. Anyway, I’ve shot up from lvl 35 to 58 within a pretty short time frame. I’m enjoying the ride. I’m also enjoying the increased retainer inventory space, and converting very smelly, old pink/green/blue gear to grand company seals or materia. The only things left on my retainer now are glam stuffs, and healer/magic DPS gear. BLM will be my next project.

BLM and WHM are in their 40s now, as sometimes people have advertised a low leveling roulette, and while I will never heal particularly well and BLM rotation is not optimal, I can push my buttons and generally have a good go of it. I’m happy to level those with friends, but I’m not sure if I’ll bother with roulettes alone outside of anything under level 40. Meh.

Sometimes I’ll make a go of grinding on fates with GLA and MRD, which are both at level 29 now. I’ve stockpiled vitality and crit materia for almost a year waiting for those to grow into their pink gear I’ve acquired from thousands of dungeon runs, and it’ll be a joy to get at least one class to 60 so that I can unlock mentorship, which is very shiny indeed and a long term goal of mine. Not having a tank at 60 is literally the only thing left for me to do, I’ve fulfilled all the other requirements ages ago. Anyway, I grind on fates until I’m bored and then switch to something else for a bit.

The crafting and gathering bugs are still kinda there, and I tinker with gathering infrequently but persistently, as three of my retainers are gatherers, anticipating that later when I need materials, I can just send the three goombas out for the things rather than bothering to find the things myself, hehe. Like I said, I just do grand company supply/provision missions for them, usually. ALC and CUL are my lowest level crafts at the moment, so I will probably focus on them when I wanna sit still and make stuff rather than do a dungeon run.

Future things I still wanna do but have little motivation for:

  • pony farms/learning the level 50 extremes, I know the hard mode trials well enough, I’ve just been lazy about watching the guides for the tougher ones;
  • bird farms/learning some of the so-called easier level 50-60 extremes, again, I can do the hard modes well enough, I just need to learninate the videos for the extremes;
  • acquiring massive amounts of gil, just my idle daily noodling amasses me about 500k a day, but I keep spending it on friends who need things, or spiffy glam crap. I think it’d be spiffy to hop onto a medium (or large??!) house plot someday.
  • starting this newbie-friendly podcast that’s been in my brain to do for at least two years, my computer is set up in a public area (living room, yay slamming doors) and I never have the house completely to myself, so meh.

A RL couple with characters named Pres and Lady have been slowly getting used to the game, rarely going for MSQ nonsense and instead crafting and gathering their lives away. Recently, they decided to take the training wheels off, and added themselves to the guild that Momo and I are in. I did warn them that some of our members are, err, noisy, and I was particularly worried that Lady would find it too overwhelming and log off. I’ve been very careful and gentle to her, wanting to make sure she enjoys the game and encouraging her to do whatever it is that makes her happy. She’s kinda glomped onto the game, which has made her husband very happy, and Momo and I are happy to see the pair sticking around.

I gave them tenant status on my modest hut in the Goblet housing district and encouraged them to play house, to which they’ve accessorized the thing to their heart’s content. If they can ever get enough gil, I will relinquish the plot and they can own it for realsies for the price of the plot and whatever house stuffs they need to afford on their own. Anyway, they’re quite amused with it. I have to visit every so often to keep the plot in my possession anyway, and so I hop inside to see what they’ve done with it. Since they now have a place to stash furniture and house crap you can acquire from each event, I’ve seen more and more event stuff appear in there over time. I also set a stuffed tonberry on their table, which I thought would amuse them. ^^

What else? Hmm. I’ve ignored most of my alts, including the one who owns the FC and mansion on another server I rarely log into but hop into the house to keep it in my possession, and the alt on the same server as my main who has a medium house of her own. My main’s been amusing me well enough to keep going to her. I’ve done the event stuff on every character big enough to do them, and I still do the weekly rounds to get jumbo cactpot prizes and acquire new tickets on each one.

I got juuuuuuust enough MGP on my main to afford the Archon Chair, and pulled the trigger on that. It’s so stupid. lol

OH! I changed grand companies a few days ago. I’m not happy with Ul’dah’s layout, and while it’s a short hop from the main aetheryte to the GC area, if I wanna hit the marketboard or find a summoning bell, I have to run across the map, because there’s no convenient aethernet shard nearby. It’s annoying to have to transport myself entirely out of the area to my FC, as it’s quicker than having to run all the way there, only to run back.

I really like Limsa Lominsa’s layout, and while it’s a longer trip and one more loading screen to get to my new GC’s area to do turn-ins and such, the marketboard and summoning bell are within a short hop of two aethernet thingies. It’s just faster and more convenient. So I did the thing, and have been slowly gaining enough company seals to unlock promotions and higher ranks. I won’t have access to my squadron again until I’m top rank again, but it is definitely a thing to do to add to my daily list of crap to do, and because I’m still doing the challenge log stuffs, I’ll have quite a few new squadron recruits to sift through when I’m able to access them again. Mwahaha.


My FC’s leader is so reclusive that she hates voicechat to the point of having an anxiety attack at the thought of it. She’s poked her head into Discord, infrequently but it’s neat to see her there. I suggested she stream music in voicechat, to which she’s taken up the project of DJing in her own room whenever she has a mind to do so. We listen while doing dungeons late at night, and she’ll usually put on something suitable while we’re hacking at things. It’s been really funny. She says she still hates Discord, but she’s using it anyway. LOL She’s been able to share a lot of videos and animated gifs as well. The other night, she was being a dork and I said something like, “Hers is an evil laugh,” to which she created an animated gif of her laughing maniacally while lightning and churning clouds billowed behind her. It was hysterical.

Anyway, I suppose that’s enough of a brain dump for now.

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