the things, let me sum you up them

I needn’t have worried.

So, Patch 3.5 dropped. There are some new quality-of-life improvements, some shinies, and of course as is the case with most major short-digit patches, dungeons. All the old expert roulette duties are now shuffled into the level 60 stuffs, and we have two new dungeons, Solm Al HM and Baelsar’s Wall, to play in. The newest and final raid of the Void Ark series is now a thing.

I poked at MSQ when Momo was on, and we ended up at the Wall for a go. We threw caution to the wind and decided to see what duty finder foisted us with. We got a tank new to the dungeon who lost aggro to the first trash mobs but started pushing his buttons when he saw us going whole-ham, and a healer who seemed to have been in there previously but offered no tips. Thankfully, I’d seen a guide video before hopping in, and was able to give some strats on bosses as we got to them. Mechanics are few for these new dungeons, but that last boss proved a little difficult, wiping once before avoiding enough of the things to get past it and get our clear. Good enough. And that cutscene just after, lords.

I slept terribly and was up early the following morning, to which my tanky buddy Neo happened to be online and asked me what I was up to. I made noises about Solm Al HM, and he invited me on a run. I decided to hop in, having only seen a guide video once but judging it to be an easy time. It’s one of the easiest dungeons in the level 60 tier, and while our item levels are low for this newest selection, we made quick work of the entire thing. It was really fun.

I invited Momo to participate in a run when he was able to log in later in the day, borrowing Neo once more and making quick work of it.

The remainder of the day was spent foofing about, partially offline for a nap, partially offline because the data center crashed, and now partially offline because of hot fixes currently being applied. Izzy expressed interest in leveling her SMN a bit, I dragged her to Eastern Thanalan to do a fate and pick up an orchestrion roll, and then dragging a bunch of FC mates to South Shroud for more fate grinding until Izzy wandered off to do other things, lol. When the data center went offline, I spent a bit of time on my alt in the Primal cluster, reconnecting with some people I knew who had switched servers some months before. I got a couple of levels in a needed secondary class before Momo let me know he was able to log in again, to which I followed.

Anyway, the new dungeons aren’t terribly difficult at all. I might even get reluctant friend Aisu in on a run of each tomorrow.

And as to that new Void Ark raid, which I’ve partially watched a guide to a number of times:

Nope nope nope nope.

Maybe later.

And now, I have a coloring book to dink with while I’m waiting for the game to be operational again. Or sleep. Probably sleep.

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