it’s been a day


(Hi Raist!)

It’s been an eventful day, and so I thought I’d yack about it.

First thing this morning, I got online to find that tanky green friend Raist was online and in a mood to do roulettes. We hopped into Discord to augment our merry romp through the things, hopped into A12 for our weekly gear, I won a thing, and that took up my morning, until bf dragged me away for stupid RL things like food (pfft).

Upon returning, I saw that Raist was offline to go to work, but Momo was in a mood to log on and do things. Momo and I had been talking about something for a few days, and decided to act upon it, hopping out of our existing FC and hopping into a friend’s. The FC members swarmed around us and we kidnapped two for a set of roulettes. It went really well.

Momo hopped offline, I fooded once more, and derped around for the afternoon and evening, spending time with our new FC’s leader, browsing Reddit for housey things (the FC is looking to upgrade from a small to medium plot), and doing whatever else I felt like.

I ended the evening with some treasure maps (the first was mine, I led us all the way to floor six before choosing the wrong door noped us out). I then schlepped FC leader Izzy around the Hinterlands, as she picked up aether currents and I flew her as directly as I could to Idyllshire, the quote-enquote end-game loitering area, lol. She advanced enough in MSQ to bonk into the “sorry, you must be this tall to enter” level-restricted area, lol. She had to go to the FC house for a few things, had me do a couple things, upped my rank for the privilege, and we goofed around with emotes until bedtime.

I thought I’d have more to write but sleep sounds really good.

Also there is (*looks*) six inches of snow on the ground and more slated to come before morning. Good times.

B-dehbedehbedeh–g-g–g’night, everyb-buhbuh-b-bbody!

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