another DF story

Pretty much how it happened.

So, Momo (BLM) and I (SMN) had a little span of time to play together, and Momo mentioned needing a couple things from Alexander 10 and 11 normal mode. 11 popped first, and we headed in to do the things. I had only done 11 once or twice before, and so I was way rusty on the mechanics. So were a couple other people, as people kept dying and the healers ran out of MP. It took a wipe and a redo to get ‘er done, but we done did the duty.

Next, we queued up for expert roulette, and sashayed our way through Gubal HM in about 12 minutes, as the MNK was going whole ham and the healer was crit-healing for 10k per cast, as well as contributing heavily to DPS, and between them and my DoTs of doom, that went really quickly.

And then, it was time to conquer Alex 10, where we fight a single boss for the most part and keep an eye out for mechanics, three buttons that, if pressed by players or boss, various stuff happens. We mostly did okay until the boss was at about 40%, to which the healers had a couple moments of bad luck and both went boom. There was another SMN with us who had also succumbed. It was just me. I had swiftcast. I had resurrection. Let’s do dis.

Healer 1 was up instantly, and I started long-casting res on the second healer. Him up, I selected the SMN to start long-casting on him, but about .5 second before I could finish, I succumbed to something I wasn’t paying attention to because I was trying to res as many people as I could for as long as I could. I went boom but both healers were by then full of MP, rebuffed, and pushing their buttons very admirably. I got ressed with about 2% on the boss left to go, so I couldn’t really contribute meaningfully before the thing ended, but I was up for what it was worth. Momo got the drop he needed.

I checked my comms after we left, and found I’d accumulated five of them.

Thank you, thank you.

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