another brain dump

Been a while, so let me tell you the things.

I’ve been working randomly on three characters, Gin@Cactuar when [Momo] is around, Woo@Cactuar when Momo isn’t around, and Woo@Behemoth when I’m tired of the Cactuar alts or I wanna spend a little time with [Silver] and [Jing].

Gin has mostly been collecting dust, though I’ve made an effort to fill up the Wondrous Tails sticker book each week. I generally just run a bunch of roulettes and use second-chance points to distribute completed stickers elsewhere on the board, rather than actually doing the harder content. I keep meaning to watch videos to brain the extreme content and actually get used to those, but we’ll see.

Woo@Behemoth got to level 58, and she’s still stuck on that one quest out of Idyllshire that has her playing with goblins in a solo duty. I can’t quite get past it because she doesn’t quite have the oomph to kill everything, or to survive the bombs that overlap conveniently where she happens to be standing. I do try to knock them all away but I just can’t quite get past it, no matter what buttons I’m madly mashing at the time. In fact, I’m so annoyed with the bard class that I’m slowly leveling up SMN to get there instead.

Woo@Cactuar is still the boss of her own FC, and I’m very, very happy with that. I’m continuing to perform the Wondrous Tails books with her too, the slow grind to get her geared with Lore and Scripture items. She’s still rocking a lower level weapon and I really need to go through the Alexander gauntlet of quests in order to upgrade that a bit.

I was on that character, doing random fates, when I met a gentleman who was also grinding on fates, struck up a conversation, invited him to my FC, and he AND his wife ended up in there. Wife is slowly warming up to the game, and he’s keeping pace with her. There was one day I logged in to find them playing the heck out of the Gold Saucer, to which I threw on the FC +MGP buff which amused them greatly, and another day I threw on the FC gathering and crafting buffs, to which they’ve gone to town with those classes as well. They seem happy to be in a small, quiet guild, and they’re easy to talk to. I’m not going to worry too much about whether they’re happy to stay, or if another FC might be shiny to them, but they’re quite enjoying mine for now. I upgraded their rank the other day so that they could play with the buffs themselves when I’m not on. I log in later to find that things have been used, which makes me happy. 🙂

All three alts mentioned in this post are also top level in their grand company, and playing with squadrons. My main character’s squad are the highest level out of the three, and I recently upgraded her rank to the newest available. Woo@Cactuar is not far behind, and the one on Behemoth is progressing nicely as well. It’s just a thing to do daily.

Yesterday, I was in a bizarre mood to level some gathering skills, and so I logged into my FC leader alt and went to town on that. Real life interrupted the trend, but I think I shall tinker at that again this morning. Finally, an excuse to use up levequest allowances.

In fact, I think I will do that now.

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