took an Aery to the knee

Dear diary...

Dear diary…

Today’s DF story is ultimately a good one, featuring me-as-Summoner, a MNK, a PLD, and a WHM tearing around in the Aery. The PLD was new-ish, the MNK was seasoned, and the WHM was very, VERY new. The PLD was unsure of her skills at aggro-keeping, and so numbered every damned thing as we went. I did my best to comply, but she kept wanting us to DPS the bomb on the second boss, which dragged out the fight much longer than it needed to be. I ignored the number at the end and DPSed the boss to death.

It was a fairly easy and fast run, until the final boss. That is a crucible, my friends, wherein the skills of the healer are tested and situational awareness can make or break the fight.

Try #1: WHM dies, begins lamenting in chat about being dead, meanwhile I’m ressing her because SMN can do that, she stops typing and finally accepts the res, but by this point, the tank and the other DPS has died, to which it’s just me, Garuda, and maybe the healer if she can get off the floor fast enough. Because I had just used Swiftcast on ressing the healer, I had to make a snap decision as to whether to attempt to res another party member, or try to get Titan out and do what I could while the healer figured out how her buttons worked again. By the time I made that decision, I was almost dead and knew I couldn’t get the tank summon out in time. I advised a wipe, but by the time I had typed that, the healer had died again.

Try #2: We get to the add phase where the DPS needs to kill things quickly, and I waited for the second big guy to drop down, to which my finger was on the Limit Break button, ready to hit it as soon as they were both in range. I hit it, and just as it went off, it was suddenly too late as Nidhogg just wasn’t having it and cleared the arena. lol

Try #3: I died because the Blood Price rapture thingie immobilized and killed me before it could be killed instead, the NPC died, and that was a wipe.

Try #4: We mostly had it together, the healer was on it, the other DPS was aware and helped kill the rapture-thingie before it completed its cast, and then it was time for adds and the NPC. The Bubble of Healy Shame, as Momo and I like to call it for some reason, went up, my Shadow Flare went up, and things were ded. Just about the time the tank was yelling for LB, I was already completing the stupid three second animation to get it going, killing the last two adds quite nicely and shielding us just in time for the big baddaboom. I had time to type, “I haven’t seen the husbando and the kids for three years, let’s go home,” to which the tank lost it, the healer got raptured but we rescued her quickly, the other DPS got raptured but we rescued him quickly, and just about the time LB was looking shiny again, we finished the task.

I was expecting the healer or the very patient tank to get the comms, but while writing this, I thought to check, and saw I had three new ones to add to my collection. I had complimented everyone on their good humor, and the jokes kept things quite fun despite the repeated runs of shame back to the final area. The tank shared that she’d endured nine hours of college and needed the laugh, the healer had had a rough day at work and was similarly amused, and the MNK was quiet but seemed willing to keep going, so, yay.

There have been other runs that weren’t quite as spiffy as this one, to which I didn’t feel like sharing them.

On the alt, I’ve now finished MSQ, and I’ve unlocked rank 3 of the ARR beast tribes aside from the Ixali, which requires a crafter that I haven’t leveled enough to do anything with yet. She’s at i229, which I don’t think is too terrible for three weeks of hard work. Good stuff.

I haven’t logged into my main at all.

I still really love SMN more than BRD, something I never thought I’d say.

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