eight tries later…

*unenthused robot voice* Whee.

Those HeavenSWARD dungeons, though. Solm Al, the Aery, the Vault, and the Library really kick it up a notch–no longer can certain mechanics be ignored, no longer can people fall asleep and watch Netflix while reflexively pushing their buttons or letting their crappy combat macros do all the work *COUGHAHEM*. Nope, it’s time to not stand in poo, be situationally aware, be ready to explain the things if you see someone derping hard enough to incur a wipe, be ready to absorb someone else’s less-than-optimal way of playing in order to get done with a thing.

This week, I’ve been focusing on a character I very, very rarely hop into, my first character in fact, born on Leviathan back in my introduction to this game, hence moved to Behemoth to keep in contact with the two streamer friends whom I still joke around with nearly daily in Discord. With Momo MIA with school, I’ve been quietly fooling around on my other alt on Cactuar, and bored with the quietness of Cactuar and my want to spend time with my friends on Behemoth, I thought I’d hop into the ol’ alt there and see what I could poke at. I’d left her somewhere in the middle of 2.0 MSQ and level 53, and since Heavensward is a nice carrot to dangle in front of anyone looking for motivation to finish 1.x and 2.x, I thought I’d at least try to get miss lala somewhere closer to the expansion content before I ran out of steam. She’s now level 58, and managed Bismarck tonight, with an eye on the Library tomorrow (and a somewhat gnarly solo duty to finish before she can get there).

To get to the flying narwhal trial, I first had to get through the level 57 dungeon, the Vault, which takes place in a really stark but impressive indoor church setting. This can be an impassable hurdle, particularly if one is matched up with either a new tank or a new healer.

I’ve been very unlucky, waiting in DPS queue for about 40 minutes at a time, getting matched up randomly with tanks AND healers who don’t quite know how to push their buttons. Many, many runs failed because either the other DPS wasn’t having it with a less-than-optimal group, or the tank conveniently disconnected, or the healer noped out. It’s the last boss that presents the most challenge, a gnarly embiggened pope guy who summons a row of linebacker horsey chess pieces to march their way across the arena attempting to run the players over in their wake. There’s some poo to avoid and not getting run over by the freight train of horses, but really our saving grace is a good healer.

Good healers have been hard to come by.

I let [Jing] know I was going for attempt #7, and he decided to hop in with me as healer, curious by my lamentations of bad DF groups and particularly healers who couldn’t do the things fast enough or enough enough. He hopped into Discord with me, and we settled in for a grueling but necessary run.

The tank biffed it on every single boss because he was decidedly undergeared, and not for lack of cooldowns. The second boss was several wipes in the making because he simply would not step out of the poo he was tethered to and taking repeated damage from. I kept my healer friend’s MP up as much as I could, but it was no use, the tank was suicidal and taking us all with him. lol

I joke a lot with my Behemoth friends about tanks who get scared at a bard’s circle of fire, and seek to drag all trash/bosses out of the circle, thinking it some oddball attack from the NPCs we’re fighting. I’m not sure if bards are just that rare, don’t use that particular AOE, or if the tanks are just that stupid, but good lawdy, no amount of explanation/teasing will alleviate the practice. On this particular run, my seventh in a long line of fails to get past this dungeon, this tank just wasn’t having it. My healer friend joined me in facepalming as fire circle after fire circle was wasted with the tank dragging everything out of the thing that did about 30% of my total damage.

We got to the final boss, both of us expressing huge concerns over getting through it successfully. I did let him know ahead of time that if we wiped enough, I had no emotional attachment to this run and he was quite invited to nope out with me and perhaps help me attempt this another time. The tank took on too many debuffs for my healer friend to both heal him and remove the debuffs, the tank died, the tank got ressed, the tank died again, the healer died, and it was a wipe, more than once. More than twice.

I’d had enough, with the other DPS doing minimal damage and my healer friend getting sore fingers from mashing keys trying to keep this terrible tank alive. I let healer friend know I was hopping out and taking the penalty, to which he wisely followed.

Just before hopping out, I let the other DPS (and by proxy the tank) know that they could nope out without penalty and follow me out, and I let the tank know he was bloody awful. We had clued him in to all the stupid poo he was getting all over his shiny shoes, and that the healer could not compensate for his level of stupid regarding avoidable debuffs that could be easily mitigated by simply not getting them in the first place. A level 58 tank has nearly every single skill he will ever get on his hotbars. You don’t get to level 58 by mashing your keys willy nilly and hoping something works enough to cheese by. Of all the roles, the tank is required to keep firmly up on gear, and to figure out how to do the things. Oh yeah, he had lost aggro to my DoTs too, no direct damage from me on one particular trash pull, I’d simply applied my DoTs and was refreshing them every so often. The heck?

I got through it today, with healer friend hopping back in, and [Silver] joining in the other DPS slot. The tank was not nearly as stupid or squishy as yesterday’s specimen, as I called him in Discord to which [Silver] and [Jing] lost it laughing.

I don’t claim to be a bad ass or to get top DPS in any dungeon ever, but if I’m the last one dying over, and over, and over, having been able to successfully avoid whatever killed the tank, the healer, and the other DPS, I can’t imagine I’m doing something terribly wrong.

All the good ones must be playing FFXV of late. Hopefully they come back soon, my salt level over mediocre players is rising with every failed run that DF foists me with.

Today, I hopped into an in-progress Tam-Tara normal mode, where the healer and the tank had disappeared, leaving me as THM, with another THM sproutling who needed to get past this dungeon to get on with MSQ. A friend was online at the time and happy to hop in as tank, and I healed him (yay cross-class win) enough to carry the sprout through the rest of the dungeon without incident. On another run, I met a really nice tank who I praised highly because while I was pushing DPS hard with muh fire, he was barely losing aggro and positioning things beautifully. I saw he was on my server and added him to my friends list. He’s brand new but is already doing things fantastic with the few skills he has, I felt I needed to nurture this one carefully. ^^

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