It's over 9000!

It’s over 9000! (What “it” is, I don’t know, but it’s a lot.)

I made another alt. Of course I did. Inheriting the dead FC on that one server solidified my wish to create and nurture one on my main server. I like the FC that my main and Momo are in and I have no wish to change that. However, I love the idea of having one anyway. I think most of the appeal comes in just being the boss of something, and also the possibility of owning a home on a medium-sized plot, not that I (or an alt) can’t have a medium home without a free company, but the thought is just really appealing. It’s a persistent idea, and I really want to act on it. That’s why the alt was born, so that I can indulge in that but not move my main from where she is. I think I’d make a good guild leader, I just think that the free companies that are out there now are already way established and no matter how much time I spend in one, it’s highly unlikely anyone would ever view the list of members and say, “Yeah, that one right there, she’s been engaged and social and helpful, I want her to lead.”

So, how to make an FC? The first step is, of course, to level my new alt to 50 and max out her grand company rank. Money would help there too. To that end, I’ve picked up all the crafting and gathering classes on the wonder alt with an eye on working on that in my (HAHAHA!) spare time. For months I’ve parused the FFXIV Housing Market subreddit, keeping an eye out for available properties on my server, getting an idea of the going price for a medium (or large, HAHA) plot. I’m anticipating that I’d need at least 50,000,000 gil to both afford the release and the purchase fee. It’d be nice if I could find one with an FC attached, but at any rate, that’s a lot of gil. I better start saving up now, huh. Obviously this is a very long-term project, but it is one that I wish to undertake. So we’ll see how it goes.

Meanwhile, in my own FC, we’ve been collecting “prizes” (minions and such) to give out for contests and events. I’ve been on our events committee for a bit, but with bf’s health problems of late, I haven’t been able to do much there, logging in mostly to just level the alt and do things alone. I should work on that too.

We have three newbies in the FC who have been highly motivated to level and do things, so I split my time between the new alt in the morning, helping the newbies in the afternoon, and then spending time with Momo in the evenings if he’s on, and continuing to help the newbies if he’s not. We’re all fairly chill and enthusiastic about the game, so we all gather in Discord voicechat and giggle our way through the evening. It’s been really fun. Momo’s amused to have a small circle of friends to do things with. Good peeps, I hope they stick around for a while. 😀

I suppose that’s it for now: alts, musing about FCs, and neglecting my duties in the one I’m in. lol!

Oh yeah, DF story, nothing too interesting, but I saw the world’s worst healer the other day. In leveling the alt, I needed to clear Toto-Rak, and a friend who’s slowly leveling up a tank class hopped in with me. The NIN we got was fine, but the level 60 everything WHM was a piece of poop. He refused to heal, and just Stone II’d everything instead. Because I’m rocking ACN/SMN, I was happy to heal my tanky friend so that we could get on with it. Final boss, tank friend dies, to which I start casting res to try to get him back up because I know damned well that the WHM isn’t going to bother. WHM and NIN continued trying to kill the final boss while I stood in the corner trying to get my not-swiftcast res off, watching my health dip because the WHM sucks. I died from not being healed, to which the NIN used limit break and WHM died. Days later and tanky friend and I are still shaking our heads at that guy. Yeegads. Who queues as a healer and then doesn’t do the one thing they queued for? LOL

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