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'Tis I, Gin Fails!

‘Tis I, Gin Fails!

Hello, invisible and nonexistent readers, ’tis I, your friendly shitposting gaming blogger with another entry of self-absorbed mutterings of things of no interest to anyone but myself, woo! lol

Gosh, where to start. I’ve been rocking summoner almost exclusively on my main on Cactuar, [Gin]. She’s now at level 58 SMN/SCH, and just before the servers went offline for the night, I squeaked through the class quests I’d neglected to pick up until then, Summoner as well as Scholar. I grabbed a couple of new skills that I’ll need to read up on in order to incorporate them into my end-game rotation. I did a bunch of roulettes, and once more was able to res the dead healer at critical moments. I love this class/job.

I’m lugging around an inventory full of level 59 and 60 caster armor that I can fling onto her as soon as I reach that level, not complete sets, mind, but things accumulated in a long span of time spent in roulettes featuring higher level gear loot. I don’t think I’ll bother to glam anything silly until I get to the end-game for those jobs, just because it costs a lot to keep using glamour prisms on new outfits, lol.

The Summoner job is really fun to play, and I generally remember to mash all the buttons in the right order. I have a few helpful macros that help me along the way, things that position a pet in a particular place, causes the pet to use a particular skill, or to focus on my main rotation so that I don’t have to spread my situational awareness too thin. Unlike Bard, where I’m miffed that I can’t jump around like a jackass with Wanderer’s Minuet on, I am comfy standing in one place to cast the things, and stepping out of the poo if I need to before resuming my rotation, sometimes even managing to run inbetween spell castings.

Anyway, I’ll try to get Summoner to max level after the servers come back up (a full 24 hours later, boo hiss) just so that’s one less thing to worry about inventory-wise. I can nuke the not-end-game armor once I get WHM and BLM up to max as well, but SMN/SCH is a really good start. I’ll probably work on getting those two to 50 soon, to which I’ll only have one DPS class under level 50, most everything else at 60 or closing in on it. Hooray for projects.

Another alt of mine was born, this time on Leviathan–a few friends from Brynhildr are dissatisfied with how the old FC and that server are, poked around to see which server would be optimal for raiding, and transferred their characters there. Some opted to go to Gilgamesh. The group on Leviathan started working on the FC, and in a matter of four days has gotten the guild to maximum rank, with a house and most of the comforts of the old place, sans the fancy moogle exterior. I’m working on leveling that alt during the daytime and late at night when I’m least likely to see Momo online. It’s neat talking to our old FC mates again. Momo appeared in the Discord voice chatroom the other night and was greeted quite enthusiastically by everyone. He was rather chuffed at that. It’s making him mildly want to make an alt there, but has nixed the idea as he feels he doesn’t have time on his main as it is. And with school coming a few hours from the time I write this, his game time is now going to be quite limited.

Sometimes I’m “meh” about doing daily and weekly cactpots on all my varied alts, sometimes I perform them daily and sometimes just a few times a week. It’s worth doing as often as I can, as it allows me to accumulate MGP for shinies later. It’s kind of funny being a sproutling alt faffing about on the turtle mount.

Tomorrow’s patch update promises to be a busy one for those alts of mine who have entered end-game territory. I’ll probably poke at that on [Gin] first, then [Tera], before perhaps poking at others, or perhaps I’ll just continue maxing out jobs one by one on those two before branching off into whatever alt I feel like being on at the time. The Yo-Kai Watch event disappears next Tuesday morning, so I’m quite motivated to get the stupid mount on two more alts if I possibly can, specifically my alt on Behemoth, and the newest alt on Leviathan. I’m a little more than halfway done on the Levi alt, and a little farther behind on Behemoth. We’ll see how I do, I managed to get the mount on just about everyone else I plan to keep around for reasons. rofl *thumbs up*

I suppose this is enough blither for now. ^_^

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