and this is why I like Summoner

Unlimited.. power!  Mwahahaha!

Unlimited.. power! Mwahahaha!

I’ve been leveling alt classes on my main character for the first time in forever, half out of boredom and half because I’ve been neglecting playing my main at all of late, lol. Summoner and scholar looked shiny to me just now, and so I’ve been puttering at that. I’ve quite enjoyed summoner on a couple of alts, and figured I’d give it a go on my best-geared character for laughs.

I’ve leveled exclusively via DF and hunting logs, and derfing around with the class quests as they come up. I’ve been mostly rocking the summoner side of things, though I have finally set up the hotbars on the scholar side as well in case I feel like healing for a bit.

Last night I reached level 50, which opens up some more roulettes and allows me to wander over to the Heavensward side of things for sidequests and such. I had poetics coming out my ears with the (now completed) Binding Coil quest series, and so I decided to spend them frivolously on Ironworks gear, some of the swankiest old-ARR top-tier gear back in the day. I didn’t have enough poetics for one ring, but other than that, my ilvl is 123 or so, thanks to the SMN book I got from T13.

Anyway, I needed a half level’s worth of XP to get to 50, and hopped into a late night leveling roulette to see what I’d get. I entered immediately into a train wreck in AV, and I could see why–the tank was okay, the healer was rather lackluster, and the other DPS was there for a clear and seemed happy to stay. I arrived in the room just before the last boss, just as the tank died (presumably) again, and I shot off a res just as they recalled back to the beginning of the dungeon to raise themselves and run back. We all wiped there.

We got through the last bit of trash before the final boss, and then headed in and went at it. We nearly wiped several times, but because I can heal (badly) and raise (occasionally), we managed to eek out a win. The healer died at one point and I’m so glad she didn’t recall out of the instance, I hit my res macro and she was up within seconds. While she was getting herself situated again, I flung as many heals at the tank as I could, whose health kept dipping dangerously low but didn’t bottom out, so, between the two of us, we managed it pretty well. No one got Bad Breath from that damned morbol, so it was just a matter of sticking around long enough to get its health to 0%. I split my time between placing dots on the big guy, AOEing the little guys, and casting as many heals as I could on anyone who needed it (we all needed it). It was an uphill battle but we did finally get it.

The healer thanked me for the res, I got no comms from that run but I know I did good. It felt good to have helped to turn that nearly abandoned run into a success. I’m good at that with these support classes like bard and summoner. I think I even like summoner a little bit more because of the healing/ressing aspect, a bard’s songs are useless if there’s no one around to play music to, haha.

I need to get my class questing on so that I can focus on roulettes today.

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