maintenance = time to update the ol’ blog!

Amusement all around.

Amusement all around.

Hallo folks! It’s been a while since I updated. I decided, since I can’t log in with the servers being down anyway, that I’d go ahead and blither in here for a bit.

Cob, whom I had met through [Silver]’s stream earlier this year, and I had stopped talking to each other for a time. That one’s mostly on me, I sometimes have introverted moods where all I want to do is listen to music and game, or talk to one or two individuals during dungeons and such, more for communication during the thing I’m currently doing, not so much for the chatter. It’s not a positive or a negative, it just is. Anyway, we’re back in contact and it’s good.

Hora and my alt Tera are no longer married. We’re still friends and laugh at stuff, but I got what I wanted from that quest, and Hora was more comfortable without the bond. All good. He’s been difficult to reach lately. I’ll assume that life is heavier than he would like, and he’ll poke back online when he can.

Momo and my alt Gin celebrated their first year anniversary by doing the ceremony of bonding all over again. We invited a few peeps, three showed up and we had two others arrive for no reason whatsoever, we didn’t even know them but they seemed to have fun. I still need to get that video edited and uploaded. He bought me the wind-up Tataru minion, I gave him an in-game stuffed tonberry. I tucked it on the house couch and then bugged him to log in so he could see it. ^^

I’m still more prone to playing Tera than Gin these days. I just love the low-level grind, before button bloat makes my head go explodey.

I’m poking at M4 Normal for gears, it’d be good to get some higher ilvl weapons going on both characters. I still do as many roulettes per day as I have time/patience for. I’m more apt to do them when there’s a guildmate on who also needs them, otherwise, I just derp around with the lower level stuff, gather lore, slowly upgrade my armor and accessories. It’s getting to the point that the weapon would make a huge difference in my output. I suppose I’ll work on that more diligently.

I had a DF run the other day where I chose an in-progress dungeon as dragoon, arrived at Qarn normal mode, and found this re-newbie waiting for a tank and healer to appear. I decided to stay, and we chit-chatted until a tank arrived, tank left, another tank arrived and stayed, and a healer showed up, and we went at it. It was a fairly clean and fast run after waiting the 20 mins for the other two party slots to get filled. Jokes were had. I got all three comms from that.

The Brynhildr server was down for a bit, and so a few former guildmates made alts on Cactuar. I added them to my friends list and enjoyed their company for a bit. I heard that one of Momo’s and my favorite players were on hiatus from the game, I found him on reddit the other day and sent a well-meant but probably creepy short message to him to let him know he was missed. lol

I’ve been streaming occasionally lately, on Twitch and on YouTube. I mostly stream Journey, a game for the PS4 that Momo turned me onto. I keep meaning to devote one of these blog entries to that game. It’s fun to play as there’s no combat or other players to worry about for the most part, and the controls are simple for me to grasp. It’s fun. If I can 1) ever get my headset to work and 2) the internet ever cooperates ever, I’d like to narrate my gameplay for a session, it’s pretty fun. Hell, I’d like to make a schedule and stream more regularly but I have to afk periodically for adulting (driving bf to/from work at unpredictable times, fooding, cleaning, sleeping) and I never know when I’m going to be hassled by roommates, bf, or others needing my attention offline for whatever reason.

I’ve poked at my first ever made character on Behemoth, and I started one on Coeurl, just for something to do–Momo and Hora, the two people I’m most likely to play with, have been offline more often than not lately, and I am an altaholic, after all. I noticed that my first character’s inventory was badly in need of being overhauled, and Cob’s running around Coeurl of late. There are things to be done when I don’t feel like being on Gin or Tera.

Discord has gotten a lot of use out of me, keeping in contact with my few peeps. The jokes and puns flow aplenty there.

This ended up being pretty much a non-update, even as long as it was. Ah well.

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