so, the blood of storms…

Another fine day for a battle.

The expansion. Yeah, it hit. Boy did it hit. *smacks lips* Lessee…

Class changes… oye.
SE tinkered with every class, removing some skills, adding some others, and rearranging optional stuff. They spelled out what they were tinkering with before the expansion became accessible. I parused the pages for summoner and bard because those were the two classes I have previously enjoyed and had geared up most thoroughly in anticipation of hopping right into the new content once the servers were live.

Upon logging in, I spent some time removing every battle thing from my hotbars, in anticipation of reading tooltips for each skill (to note changes, there were quite a few) and placing them once more on my hotbar in an intuitive order. I do this whenever I level up a new alt as well–I pay very close attention to the help text, and figure out the best rotation for me. I like to have an instant something-or-other first, followed by DoTs, followed by the basic rotation that each class has. I don’t have much of an opener, I build things up and work from there. Quite a few power players like to hit things with a particularly stronk baddaboom before settling into their rotation. I lay down the mortar, then the bricks of my particular job, and then start dealing with whatever has the most HP and knocking them and their friends down. I’m not interested in top DPS, I’m interested in using my class most effectively no matter the situation. I leave the min-maxing to others.

Anyway, that took some time to figure out a new rotation, peering at whatever new cross class role skills are available to me and choosing some at random that I think might help. I may tinker with that over time. We’ll see.

They changed Summoner and Bard, and I’m really not happy about either change. They removed some AOEs on both, and removed one particular skill that was entirely required for me, Sustain, which provides a heal-over-time spell on my summoned pet. Without that, a pet is hella squishy and a couple hits kills it fast. I was in Dzemael Darkhold with a new tank, and between the start of the dungeon and the first boss, I had resummoned Garuda seven times, wasting a cast of Swiftcast that might have been used to resurrect someone if the run had gone that bad. #1 reason why I like summoner, I’m hugely aware of my party, and if one particular player is being a derp, I can keep an eye on them and help heal/res them to cover the healer who’s probably busy mashing buttons like mad trying to keep them alive. I’d rather slow down the run to help shepherd the derp than to watch them wipe the party while I stick strictly to my rotation and watch my party die one by one around me.

I’m SO not happy with summoner right now.

They added some role skills to Bard that make songs more complicated, there are now buffs that supplement what the songs do, making things even more situational. I played with that class’ hotbars and wrinkled my nose and switched back to Summoner because I was so turned off by it.

After that long and unnecessarily complicated DD run, I thought long and hard about other classes I might tinker with, dug out the slightly less-well-geared Dragoon, and started tinkering with that.

One of the most major changes is the addition of more visual clutter in the form of gauges of different sizes and functions. Instead of a simple box next to my name in the party list that shows a buff that I have put on myself, I have to take my eyes off my party list and my hotbars, to now spend time trying to suss out what this newfangled gauge thing is telling me. It is an unnecessary distraction, and I would have liked the option to retain the older, compact, minimal HUD element, but hiding it is not an option, there’s no other way to show me what buffs I have going on now.

So dumb.

Anyway, dragoon is making me less cranky and there’s no stupid gauge to deal with, so I’m heading into the new expansion as a close-range DPS class. Mrm. I enjoy dragoon, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not summoner or bard, both of which are ranged and I feel I am much more effective at. Oh well.

I did finally make it past my personal windmill, a lvl 54 required dragoon class quest I have died to for about a year. I felt brave enough and geared up enough to try again. I’m caught up now, so that’s off my damned journal list.

Wuv and Fwiends
The expansion has inspired some of my old friends to log in a little more frequently. It’s gratifying to see more of my friends list light up.

Another FC member and I have had some really deep conversations of late, and she’s been feeling warmly about someone and not quite knowing how to tell them so I’ve been amused watching her spazz out. It’s quite adorable. 😀

Momo hopped online today for the first day of what we hope is a summer of him being on more frequently. He took frequent breaks as he tried to figure out his hotbars again, get used to how and where to gear up to current standards, and even poked at MSQ a little bit. We didn’t get too far before bf pulled me offline for the usual crap.

I was down and cranky about that but fighting about it only makes it worse.

Obnoxious BF
I’ve spent very little time in the expansion stuff so far because every time I sit down, bf’s there to get me right back up for whatever bullshit he’s concocted to keep me fairly offline. No matter how many dishes, loads of laundry, meals, and whatever else I try to do at optimal times so that I can actually sit and play this thing I’m paying a subscription for, bf fusses about something ELSE that I’m not doing, whether it’s a small pile of mending that I like to do all at once and he’s always adding to, or things roommates have piled on the kitchen table and counters, etc, etc, etc. It’s always something.

Time with Friends
My friends are flailing their arms at me for not being further into the expansion than I am. Believe me, guys, I am too, I’m paying a subscription for a game I’m apparently not allowed to play. My first day was spent madly skipping cutscenes and trying to get as far as I could before being distracted, my tunnel vision was so bad that I didn’t even really notice my surroundings, I was just tearing around trying to get as much done as I could. Oh my god the amount of clicking to get through ten paragraphs of dialogue that could be summed up as, “Go do this thing” or “go kill that and come back” or “now let’s lead you to the next area.” Ugh.

I’ve been helping some newer friends who aren’t quite to the new content. I at least know that stuff well. *sighs*

Thoughts on Expansion So Far
So far, I am not impressed with Stormblood. Between real-life distractions (thanks, bf), queue times, server crashes, bugged quests, and class changes (tinkered with for no damned good reason), I’m not very hyped about it. I know a lot of this is situational and will calm down over time, but I feel like I’m missing a lot. I’ll grok it as I get farther, I’m sure, but I’ve spent the majority of my time online so far rearranging my house, that’s one thing I can do when I have to afk as often as I do. I’m so cranky. I hope that fades soon.

Anyway, servers are back up so let’s do this.

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Kōfun shite mimashou.

So, Stormblood. Comes out in a matter of hours. I’ll likely be asleep when it first launches. I’ll suffer the usual congestion and queue times in the morning.

I pondered what I’ll do when I first get online. I logged out in front of my house, anticipating that the first thing I’d want to do is dump some furniture from my retainer into the house to arrange it better later. I’ve been at max quota for months. It’ll be nice to redecorate.

Second, I’ll clean up my hotbars and adjust my rotations for the two classes I intend to tinker with first, SMN and BRD. Both got a little neutered, one sadly, and one happily. I may main bard after being a solid summoner for the past half year. Wanderer’s Minuet and the lack of damage killed it for me in Heavensward. Let’s see if the return of instant cast abilities nudges me back to what was my former main job.

Thirdly, I’ll try out some combat with Centurio Hunts, assuming that’s still a thing. I’ll be curious to see if Slepnir can yet fly. Anyway, I wanna try out the new skills and make sure they seem kosher and intuitively placed before getting on with my fourth task, MSQ.

I spent the day cleaning the house, doing laundry, and cooking a buttload of food so that I don’t have to get up for anything more than potty/coffee breaks for the bulk of tomorrow. And I got into a pretty deep conversation with my FC leader that spanned late into the night last night and throughout the day today. The topic had to do with emotions, quite a lot bit of them. she’s happy to have someone to talk about stuffs with. I’m happy to listen. Seems a win-win. I thought I might play another game or something but talking amused me for the entirety of the day, it went fast.

I suppose there’s nothing more to be done tonight but sleep. G’night, Gracy!

Edit: Oh yeah, I fantasiaed just before the servers shut down as well. Dragon girl, for however long that lasts. I like kitty girl better. I may make a pitstop as a Hyur too. Dunno yet. FIN!

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the usual brain dump

Fashion, bitches.

Since my main became kitty girl, my glamour addiction has gotten out of control. Every day I come up with a new outfit, it seems, with rarely any repeats. One of my retainers is just for glam items (and also lvl 1-49 gear, which isn’t much now that I’ve leveled nearly everything to 50+), and I try on different things to see what appeals to me that day. I do wish there was an option to go barefoot, I think my character would wear those a lot, I think of her as a bohemian hippy type. LOL Anyway, glams, just a regular part of my character’s day.

Catching up!
I finally got brave enough to try Dun Scaith for the first time last week, and I’ve made about five runs in there so far. Last night I tried it without the dungeon notes, and I think I did pretty well. I died a couple of times but was otherwise able, as summoner, to res other people who derped. I still don’t understand the yellow and blue orbs very well but I just watch where everyone else is going and make a beeline for it and try not to get hit. I can probably talk Momo through it when he’s able to tackle it. He was hoping to have a small block of time the other day last week but RL intruded just as we were getting ready to go. All good, he’s worth the wait. ^^

The other day I asked a guildie how he was doing, and he lamented about being i210 and needing i220-i230 to get on with MSQ and the end of Heavensward. With Stormblood so close, I thought I’d help guide him towards the elder game content, and he has responded magnificently. Just in 12 hours his ilevel jumped to i233, good enough to get through the last dungeons of the existing expansion. He has a solo duty and some cutscenes left before he’s done-done, but the finish line is in sight, and he has projects for other things while he waits for the switch to be flipped. Good stuff.

I wanted to get an alt on Faerie as far through Heavensward as I could, so that I could help a couple friends who are on that server and still stuck in ARR content. I got her to level 58 and I would have liked to have gotten further but I’ve had friends on Cactuar loudly yelling at me for not being on my main, even though I explained quite often the project I had set for myself and wanted to focus on. The alt is locked out of further MSQ until she gets to lvl 59, and queues just haven’t been popping, mostly because I can only get on late at night when bf isn’t being a pest and people on Cactuar go to bed. Anyway, I resigned myself to doing more on my main, the alt will be there when I can focus on her next. *sighs*

[Hora] married an alt of mine a couple years ago because I wanted the chicken, and it turns out that we’re pretty close friends. That broke when I transferred my main over, and Momo transferred with me. My main is tied to Momo and there is no discussion there. Hora asked me to nuke the alt’s bond to him, and I did so. We still chatter pretty often and occasionally we do stuff together, I always lavish him with hugs when we do. Anyway, he’s been derping with a newer friend who joined his free company, and announced there was a wedding in store. I attended. I don’t know his friend at all but I’m glad he could find someone to bond with. After breaking things up with my alt, he swore he would never attend or do this quest again. I’m glad that changed, and I hope that this new arrangement is a positive one for him. This game has been both a positive and negative thing for him, I’m hoping that the good outweighs the bad, I still think the world of him and am glad he has something (and someone?) fun to focus on.

I’m trying to think of anything else I feel like making a post about. I’m not thinking of any.

The Heavensward story cutscenes have made very little sense, and it’s so muddled with so many different NPCs hopping in and out that I can’t really, err, bond? with any of them. I very much didn’t like how they handled [that one scion]’s disappearance from MSQ, and [the other one]’s [redacted] really affected me, I liked him. The Warriors of Darkness was just goofy, it felt like all three of these could have had a lot more going on to keep them around, but the end of the expansion rushed them the hell out while I was all, “Wait, what? Where are you going?”

Because of the above, I have taken note that there are entirely no scions on the new poster for Stormblood. The hell, are they all going away in one form or another? What the fuck are we doing all this button-pushing for, then? Ah well, we shall see.

The expansion (well, early access) lands the day after my birthday. I have already warned my bf that I’m going to be entirely useless for a couple of days after that, glued to my computer and screaming through the things. I’ll have to make sure we have plenty of munchies so that I can minimize my stupid afk’s due to him. lol

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*stops in, makes update*

How I imagine things get storyboarded in FFXIV. Not really.

Soooooo, it’s been a while. 🙂

I’ve been playing on my main character on the main server I play, which is weird because I have so many alts I could dink with on this and other servers. I couldn’t tell you why my main character has been sufficiently shiny for me for a while now, except that she’s the most developed? I’ve been indulging in crafting lazily (grand company turn-ins) and gathering actively (actually going out and finding things), to which all my crafters are pushing level 40, and my gatherers are nearly all topped out at 60.

Finding gear for those classes has been difficult–I was dismayed to find that the vendors in Foundation and Tailfeather don’t sell level 50-52 stuff for them, though there are NPCs for battle and magic gear for every slot. Happily, since sometimes I buy armor for newbie friends reaching 50+ and paruse the vendors in yet higher level places, I noticed that there are, thankfully, a few options at level 55 or so, so I haven’t been completely undergeared.

I’m still fumbling around with figuring out collectables and the unspoiled nodes. I’ve been amassing some links to help me with those, whenever I feel like actually setting my mind to them. Rotations and such. I’m not too serious about it, and am just happy to do the minimal stuff to get the dratted things leveled.

I’ve also been indulging in playing BLM and WHM a bit more often. I still heal like shit and my tanks die often, but as long as I stick to the lower level dungeons, I’m fine as far as healer anxiety goes. The BLM is 52 and kicking arse with her rotation, though I’m missing some really important stuff, not having yet completed the level 45+ class quests. There are a couple classes I’ve completely leveled up but haven’t completed the class quests on, because I can’t push my buttons fast enough. *glares at DRG and SCH stuff*

I’ve gotten all of my tanks to 40 now, just grinding fates for a couple hours at a time or until I get tired of the Central Highlands of Coerthas. There are a few other scrub tanks leveling that way as well, and I’ve had some fun putting on my tank stance and stealing aggro from them. There’s one particular fate in the north of the map that concerns a big fat dragon and some littler riffraff. Someone always seems to run over to the big guy and start wailing on him before I can get over there to get aggro going, but with enough shield lobs and whatever other ranged crap I have, I can usually drag it away and across the bridge, where I can go to town, not involve the riffraff, AND situate the dragon just so, rear and flank areas open for DPS to do their positionals pretty solidly. The dragon has a cone of ack that he deploys often. I step out of the way as soon as I see it, and even before the animation of “rawr I’m casting the thing” is over, I’m standing in the same spot I was before, and continuing my barrage of stuff.

I just upgraded my armor so that I’m not so squishy, and with my trusty chocobo out, I have a pocket healer, but also an extra source of DPS if I’m feeling confident that I’m not going to get swarmed to death. Free stance has been quite a thing lately, not bad after lugging him around in healer stance for quite a while. My bird, by the way, is very nearly rank 19. \o/ I and a few other guildies feed whoevers’ birds are in the stable, ranking them up and such. I seem to be the only one growing the carrots that get fed, and our stock has been diminishing of late because the supplies for that are expensive and I shouldn’t be depended on for 100% of them all the time. Anyway, I have 3 crops growing now so new stacks will soon be in the company chest.

We’ve had a few new people join my guild since last time I wrote, who have become pretty close friends. One guy was dissatisfied with the drama on his old server, made an alt on mine, liked our free company so much that he transferred his main character over and hopped right in. He got a lady friend from the same server to make the transition as well, and a few days after that had a conversation that turned warm, to which they’re now dating. They’re so cute together. ^^

Two other sproutlings are new to the game altogether, one was running around as a lvl 42 ROG and the other a lvl 33 ACN, I told them to unlock NIN and SMN, to which they’ve been rocking those pretty well alone and together. I saw them in POTD the other day and asked if they wanted a tour guide, they invited me in, and we did the things. The sproutlings are on PS4 and can’t type in-game with their controllers very well, so I’ve hopped into voicechat with them there when I’m not busy on Discord, and they’ve bombarded me frequently with questions about dungeons and rotations and things they should be doing next. They seem to have taken all the information and run with it, so I guess that’s a win. We don’t spend a LOT of time together but they know if I see them doing something, i’ll ask if they want help, and usually they say yes. lol

So, my days are split between things I do alone and things I do with or for others. When I’m not being dragged on dungeon runs (a few friends are leveling alt classes and like me along), I derp with gathering or tanking, sending my squadron out on endless missions, and doing whatever daily turn-ins I can. Aquapolis is also a thing, using the highest level treasure maps and seeing if a portal pops up for it. A few players and I met randomly through party finder one day, one made a linkshell, and we’ve taken that over as a map-centric thing. One person will mention they want it, others will speak up, a party develops (and usually fills up completely), and we go to town until we either run out of maps or we get tired and RL intrudes. I drag some of my guildies with us as well. It’s been a fantastic and casual/random/spontaneous thing, and I certainly can’t complain about the gil income I get from that.

Momo’s been offline with a hefty workload for school the past several months, and I miss him dreadfully. Quite a few other people, [Hroth], [Hora], and some of my newer friends have also been busy with real life and game burnout. I’ve felt lonely again, which is a dumb thing to experience in an MMO, but yeah. Actually pouted about it to myself for a bit yesterday. I’m ridiculous. XD

OH YEAH! I fantasia’d. My main has been a short lalafell for as long as I’ve played her. If I feel like playing someone taller, there are alts, but there was one particular itch that wasn’t being sufficiently scratched by playing someone a lower level, and so, since I had the money for it, purchased a fantasia and embiggened myself. I’m now running around as a female kitty, though playing a human appealed as well. I tweeted the day after I made her, “Welp, just hacked up a hairball, I’d say the transition is working nicely.” It’s been fun making cat jokes, and I really enjoy playing her. It’s also nice to see the armor look more grown-up. I don’t know why but the developers have made clothes look less detailed and more child-like on the lalafells–a dress that looks elegant on a taller figure looks too big on a tiny girl, who looks like she’s playing dress-up.

One of the minor reasons I change races was because there is a certain subset of the gaming population for this game who have a negative opinion of lalafells. Such doesn’t really bother me, I played one for 2.4 years, but the number of people noping out of the start of a fresh dungeon run has been too damned high, wasting the time of myself and everyone else who had queued up for a thing. They don’t say anything and of course it’s impossible to know for sure why a tank nopes out of an easy run of whatever, I’m certainly geared enough for the lesser stuff I’m prone to doing. The fantasia was a bit of a science experiment to see who left with me-as-kitty vs me-as-short-person. There’s been no noping at all. I have noticed an influx of garbage players lately, toxic people who quibble and argue and die then blame others for them standing in poo and even abuse vote-kick, but me being a kitty seems like it’s more likely that there’ll be a successful run of whatever. I have two fantasias left and I can change back whenever, but I’ve been rocking glamour with my kitty girl and I’m quite amused and appeased by her, and so for now, I shall continue to purr and fang.

Momo asked for screenshots when I let him know I was considering this, and so I’ve been spamming his PS4 messages with them. In fact, I’ve been so amused by the selfies that I made an Instagram account to share them on. lol It’s difficult to get screenshots from the PS4 to the Instagram app and I wish less steps were required to do the thing, but anyway, that is now a thing I do. Every time I figure out a new glam, I take some selfies with it. Just now I’m rocking a rather goofy ensemble with a corset, big floopy hat, and long skirt, like I’m from the 18th century or something. I don’t know why but I’ve been rocking the skirts a lot lately. Feeling more girly and such. It’s weird. XD

I think that about catches me up on everything that’s been going on, people and things to do and things to anticipate. The new expansion comes out a little more than a month from now, and I’m looking forward to that. Maybe some of my friends will play again.

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update about lack of updating and stuff

People are weird.

I’ve had sleeping problems of late, and so I’ve been derfing about in game trying to either be awake or get sleepy enough to attempt that again. Ummmm, lessee…

New friend in game, he posted in the FFXIV group on Facebook asking for recommendations on servers and questions about gameplay, I spoke up for my home server, he hopped in, and he’s spent the last couple of days doing crap. He even joined up on Discord, but I see he’s noped out of the server I’m usually on, so, not sure what’s happening there. He’s still in my FC but I’m expecting him to either hop out or delete his character. Too bad, I gave him a substantial amount of gil to start off with. People are weird.

I got an email letting me know that SE was stocking the Encyclopedia Eorzea book again, hassled bf, and hopped on that. I should get it in a few days. Maybe. The SE store is entirely devoid on details regarding shipping, only to say that my order was successful and that it is scheduled for delivery, whatever that means. Yay very very shiny book. I look forward to reading it. There’s a lot of lore in there that never made it into the game, or provides some meta info on the lore IN the game. Should be fun.

I spent a couple of days focusing on mining and botany and got both of those to level 50+. I’m beginning to learn about lvl 50 stuffs for the first time, and it’s rather disheartening to find that though NPC vendors sell war/magic gear all the way to level 60, after level 45, there’s simply nothing found for crafting/gathering, it’s all quest gear, or highly expensive crafted stuff. Ugh. I was not expecting that rather silly roadblock. I’m still not quite sure what to do there. I am still slowly gaining levels on my various crafting skills, who are all in the level 35-37 range at the moment. Fishing remains my one gathering skill stuck in the low 30s, and as I put forth effort in that, I can finally burn those clothes.

Speaking of leveling, I’ve been giving occasional attention to black mage, white mage, paladin, and warrior. I grind fates with PLD and WAR because I still refuse to go inside a dungeon, and on Tuesdays are a fine way to gain some XP as well as fill out the challenge log a little and get me more recruits for my squadron. I barely do roulettes anymore unless someone in my FC calls out for one. I’m happy to occupy a space wherever, but meh.

[Cob]’s been quiet again, and [Momo]’s offline due to school. FC leader Izzy is popular and usually doing stuff with her core group of people. And with aforementioned newbie friend not having a presence in Discord anymore, I’m kinda feeling alone. I don’t want to do the extreme/savage content, which leaves me out of some of the stuff that most people online are there to do. Meh.

I may fool around with an alt soon on a different server. Dunno who yet, there are a few candidates I’d like to see get to level 60 and end-game content. Perhaps I’ll transfer the formerly named Tera Bell alt somewhere. Or perhaps I’ll delete her.

Whine whine whine. Perhaps there’s a reason I don’t update more often, lol.

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crafting is stronker!

I can do amazing things with rocks, wood, and plants!

My main’s crafting classes are all level 30, with the singular exception of Armorer, which is 29 and should be able to join the others a bit later today. I’m a lazy person with lots of other things to do (generally fueled by challenge log and wondrous tails), and so I spend a portion of my gil each day on things wanted by my grand company for whatever reason, earning a bit of experience for each craft or gatherer I involve in the turn-in item. The list of stuff my GC wants every day is nearly all found on various level-appropriate vendors, and so I head to a few NPCs who sell the crap I want to buy, get the items, head to the marketboard for anything I couldn’t buy from the vendor, and then head to the GC area to do the thing. I’m sure there are better ways to level them, but this frees me up to get back to the stuff I’d prefer to be doing, leveling war/magic classes and helping people with dungeons.

The other day I had an idea that required an exterior decorating item, noticed it was a level 30 recipe, saw that all the ingredients could be purchased from a couple different vendors (again, lazy), saw that the item was in my crafting log of Things to Do, and decided to do the thing. Worked out nicely, and I grabbed enough materials for three others of the same object, with an eye on putting them up on the marketboard later. It’s nice to be able to do that now.

I’ve been spending a little time in idle moments leveling up my gatherers, either by gathering log or by leves. I knew that making my retainers gatherers would push me there, as they keep maxing out at whatever level I’d left off on, which necessitates me getting back out there and getting another level under my belt so that my minions can get on with it again.

I’ve also spent an hour in FATEs just about every day on each tank class to get some level love on them. Mentor status is shiny. I’m surprised, but I think I’m enjoying paladin more than warrior. WAR’s rotation is more straight-forward and relies on getting hit to get healed, while PLD is stronger in the defensive category. Huh. I still have never set foot inside of a dungeon, with the very rare exception of helping a newbie friend or two get through a very early dungeon, and with the understanding that it’s all very lulzy to me and I’m not good at it. I find it slightly more enjoyable than healing–just pick a spot, push my buttons, receive healing. Meh. I’ll have to figure out a better rotation for a couple different scenarios soon, ie getting-aggro vs doing-damage, as I’m finally getting high enough in level that it is beginning to be a thing. Stances, whee.

One positive benefit of bothering with leveling is that I’m finally able to start throwing away some really stinky old pieces of armor and other low level detritus that I’ve been lugging around for YEARS waiting to use the stuff. Now I’m able to stash more crafting materials and house crap on my retainers, yay.

I’ve long since maxed out poetics and lore with almost literally nothing else to spend the alternate currencies on, having acquired nearly everything I need for the varied anima steps aside from the actual grinding of things I can’t get until I have the weapon in hand. Joy. I picked up the quest a bit ago but haven’t been arsed to plug away very seriously at it. It’s another thing to do when it comes to mind or someone else expresses a need. Meh.

Just noodling lately. I’m quite happy with my house and spend time noodling with that too.

A friend referral who had dropped off the interwebs like 8 months ago just came back online the other day to message me. He jogged my memory of our origins together, I re-added him to my friends list, and he explained that life had happened (divorced, new gf, new job) and that he was picking up the game again. He sounded surprised that I’m still playing this silly game. Uh, hello? Have you MET me? He got his gf into the act as of yesterday evening. So I guess there’s someone new to hang out with unless he and she wander away again.

Pres & Lady have been burning out on the game, and Pres specifically has had nothing positive to say of late. He has been complaining rather loudly of the elder-game MMO grind, and instead of focusing on the one thing that would open up all the areas within a day for him, he’d rather spin his wheels and complain about the mud. I don’t have much tolerance for people who complain about how a game is–I mean, if it’s not enjoyable to you, then why are you not off and playing another that’s a more positive experience for you?–and suggested that perhaps a break might be in order. He logged off after several minutes of deafening silence, and I’m sure he was mildly offended by the comment, but come on. There’s one specific thing he wants to do, and there’s one singular dungeon he has to complete once in order to do the thing he finds most shiny, and he’s been sitting on that dungeon for about 3 weeks. He doesn’t want to do it. He’d rather just complain about it. I don’t get it. lol

They’re both offline to do other things for now, and Lady made noises about talking to me again soon. I hope they both come back, freshly ready to conquer the few things left to do before the expansion lands. There’s lots of time to sit back and forget the thing for a bit. The game will be there if/when they’re ready for it. In fact, while writing this blog entry, I paused for a moment to write Lady specifically, asking if I’d said anything that tweaked either of them negatively, and that I hope whatever they’re getting into next, that they’re having fun.

Two in-game friends are getting married today, and a few others are part of the ceremony and celebration. I hope they take lots of photos. I think it’d be fun to add them to Facebook as well. But I generally wait for others to add me, I don’t want to be a pain or to intrude, you know? Ahh, the joys of being an introverted wallflower.

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My house embiggened!

So, since the last time I wrote, I did indeed release my little cottage in the forests of Lavender Beds, so that Pres & Lady could buy it themselves. They’ve been quite tickled with it since.

After I came into the market for a house, I gave myself two criteria. One, if a small cottage opened up in Lavender Beds or Mist, I’d consider it, but two, if a medium opened up in any of the three housing districts, I’d hop on it, even if that meant I called Goblet home, which was likely as houses seem to open up there more often than the others. I have nothing against the Goblet, the area is just confusing as hell to navigate, and it’s visually not as pleasing as forest or beach is to me. Whatever, I’m more concerned with the inside anyway, and to that end, the exterior (and therefore location) matters much less to me.

I saw a small open up in Mist, I looked at it and considered it, then decided to take a chance and peek at the other housing districts to see if a medium had opened up as well. I looked in Mist, nothing. Lavender Beds, nothing. Goblet, no–oh, hey, ward 5 had a medium. Welp, there we are. So now I have a medium residence in the desert. My front yard features some greenery and a water feature so that I don’t feel completely sunburned.

My alt also has a medium, but I’m content to let that sit, and if I feel like poking at that later, there are some options with what I can do with that. Get rid of it, noodle with it, whatever. I wanted a medium on my main character, as that’s where I’ve been spending the most time, and that’s where most of my in-game funds lay. So I flexed my fingers, opened my wallet, and sunk not only 17mil on the plot itself, but another 1mil on the house, and another 2mil on decorations. I think it looks pretty swanky, and have invited other people to visit, who have made positive noises. There’s more I want to do with it, perhaps sink another million on crap, but it’s a really fun start.

I got a lot of decorating ideas/inspiration from, which features Japanese-speaking players who have really set the bar for interior decorating in this game, glitching things to look even more visually appealing than what the GMs might have originally intended. Seriously, browse that website. People seem limited to four total photos per set, but it’s very artsy and clever. The gallery gets added to all the time, arranged with the most recent updates first.

Really fun stuff. I’m happy that I got a medium house on my main character. Another medium opened up this morning in Lavender Beds, but I’m quite satisfied with what I have. I gave housing permissions to [Momo] (of course), Pres&Lady, and [Cob], who seems content to stay FC-less, but does like the access to mender, vendors, and marketboard/summoning bell. I made sure to put all the shinies in my house that are very convenient, such as the armoire, the company chest, 3 vendors and the mender, and even bought the Neverending Journey, an object with which one can revisit past cutscenes. Naturally, I also had to get a summoning bell and crystal bell for reasons.

The main floor features a living room and kitchen area. The kitchen area has a fridge (Riviera armoire, an empty tall box with no purpose but looked fridge-like), sink, counters, back splash, shelves above, and a breakfast nook with three stools. I put a table in a corner with two chairs for more formal eating. lol That corner is on the side of the house with the stairs leading down into the basement. I completely walled off the railway to make that look like a room someone could go into, with a door that opens up into the basement.

I considered also walling off the stairs leading upstairs but decided I liked the feeling of there being a foyer and entryway, and kept it open. It also provides me a nook for storage, and the Neverending Journey desk along with a comfy chair to sit at.

The living room took some doing, but it features a sunken fish tank with blank walls on either side. I’d somehow acquired a piano from a retainer venture about a month back, and so I sunk that into the wall and set in a cabinet with somewhat matching wood color, to make it look like an upright piano. To the left of the fish tank, I continued the sunken wall, with a fancy staggered floor shelf in front with a few knickknacks on it. Because the blank wall hid some depth behind it due to how the fish tank is situated next to it, I decided to develop that into a half bathroom. *peals of laughter* Had to. *nods*

Momo saw it when he could log in for a bit, and immediately declared the downstairs to be his. He wants to do something different with his house that we’d shared for so long, and so he picked up a bunch of the furnishings that don’t fit the mancave he’s planning and dumped it in my abode, much of which I’ve absorbed into my place. LOL As you might have surmised by the amount of time I’ve spent writing about it, I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. The upstairs is mostly bare, as I’m waiting for Momo to do his thing downstairs and I’m running a little short on total items allowed and want to give him room to set down what he wants.

You might also surmise that I haven’t been arsed to do much with dailies and dungeons and whatnot, and you’d be quite correct.


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Residential Housing Districts

FFXIV’s housing districts are split into three areas, one for each existing city-state. They’re additionally split into two sections each, the first including housing plots #1-#30, the second being a subdivision containing plots #31-#60. This is my cheat sheet for finding a specific plot quickly, regardless of ward. Each image links to a fuller-size image, complete with nearby aethernet shards.

Location: Mist
Aethernet Access: Limsa Lominsa*
Characteristics: Oceanfront properties, white cobblestone, palm trees. Very popular for this reason.

Location: Lavender Beds
Aethernet Access: Gridania*
Characteristics: Cabins and homesteads in the forest, mossy pathways, tall deciduous trees. Not as popular as Mist, more popular than Goblet.

Location: The Goblet
Aethernet Access: Ul’dah*
Characteristics: Sandstone dwellings on a desert plateau, stone walkways, little vegetation. The least popular of the districts, most likely to have the occasional openings and cheapest relinquishing fees.

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*iz ded*

This damned emote has been amusing me for frikkin’ DAYS.

Is maintenance time again, so let me tell you the things.

[Cob] rerolled again, and a few days later is in level 50 territory again. He’s caught up to where our friends [Pres] and [Lady] are at as far as MSQ goes, and will shortly shoot past them on his mad dash to see level 60 again. Another relatively new member of our FC, Ria, is also in that neighborhood of quest doings, and I’ve been helping the two of them get over the hump of level 50; the level 44 and 47 dungeons are awful and grindy and it helps to have someone else along who knows the things and can just about guarantee a clear every time. We made a day out of doing level 50 roulette dungeons, quite a few first clears for both of them.

I’m still mulling over house stuffs. I kinda wanna trade plots with my main and my alt, as the alt has her own FC and a medium plot, and that keeps coming to mind as a shiny I’d like to play with on my main character. If I did that, I would relinquish my existing plot in Lavender Beds to Pres & Lady, and they’ve made positive noises about that. The other option is to keep the alt where she is, and keep my eye out for a medium plot. I’m not picky on where, though Mist is very shiny, and with a new housing district opening up in late June, I anticipate people will shortly start uprooting themselves in preparation of getting their own Asian-inspired dwelling. I’ve seen a few open plots so far, mostly smalls but a few mediums. Never a large, bwah. Anyway, I wanna see how much in-game wealth I can amass between now and, oh, April 15th or so.

New shinies appeared on the mog station, and I decided to grab the “play dead” emote, which has the user fainting dead away in some dramatic fashion or another. Each race, and each gender of each race for that matter, has their own variation of thus. The male lala version is funny as hell, and so I had to buy the emote for Momo, who promptly used it quite a few times. Hee.

The more I think about it, the more I think I wanna try to find my main her own medium plot, and leave my alt where she is. As soon as Pres & Lady have the means to afford my small Lavender Beds plot, I’ll happily hand that over to them and haunt the aetherytes for something open later. *nods* I still share a place with Momo and I have no need or want to change that, it’s a cute place. I just want something a little bigger to dork around with (and give Momo access as well for reasons, lol). Eh, it’s fun.

I looked at my retainer devoted to glam stuff and level 1-49 gear, and was amused to see that I’d cleaned everything out of there but some level 40+ weapons, and level 40+ tank armor. I’ve cleaned out my armoury chest as well, devoting that to whatever glam du jour I mess with on my main class, and whatever armor I am using or plan to use soon. My weapons tab is ridiculously full, but the other tabs are a touch better with me sharing armor across multiple classes–all the tanks, all the gatherers, and all the crafters for example.

In helping the newbie friends get through level 1-35 content, I’ve managed to get my WHM to 48. I never thought I’d get that far. I suck at it and I cannot brain how to arrange my hotbars to allow for highest priority skills first, but being level-synced to level 15-35-ish seems to agree with me.

I’ve gotten PLD/WAR to level 36 each, and I have yet to touch DRK (or AST for that matter, but that is not a tank), though I probably should lest I accidentally nuke level-appropriate gear that took me two years to acquire/hold onto for just this moment. I still level those through FATEs, and occasionally a run through PotD with a friend or two. I can’t imagine ever actually going out in public like that, but I derp around well enough with friends who understand I suck at it. I’m a career DPS girl, it seems.

I do think, having tinkered with both healing and tanking, that I’d enjoy tanking a bit more.

I can’t think of anything else I feel like blithering about, and so FIN.

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Sprouts doing anything ever for the first time.

Since last time I wrote, I’ve leveled up NIN to 60. I won’t bother actively gearing it up, I reserve that effort for BRD and SMN, but I’ll happily upgrade a gear set if I pick up something shinier on a dungeon run that raises my ilvl a bit.

I’ve been noodling around with PLD and WAR, getting the job stones for both just within the last week. WAR’s at lvl 34 so far, PLD at 32. I grind fates to complete challenge log stuffs and get more squadron recruits. I have yet to step into a dungeon, though I’m starting to feel braver. I think I’d do better at tanking than healing, after green man Raistlin dragged me and a friend through Cutter’s Cry, me going as WHM and forgetting heals as I DPSed. At least I stayed out of Cleric Stance, as I was not going to gimp my heals misclicking at the wrong time. Deaths were had. I don’t think I can heal a dungeon any further than Qarn NM, and that’s pushing it a little. lol Ah well. Anyway, with my half-assed noodling of all the things, I’m getting levels here and there on my magic casters and tanks, getting rid of lower level armor and freeing up more retainer space, the main impetus for me bothering at all.

As far as tanking goes, I’m more comfortable as WAR and think I’ll be pushing that most often. I’ve noodled as GLA only with friends and lost aggro every goddamned place. That’s without a tank stance available, of course, and I don’t quite know what I’m doing, but ah well, that’s why I’m leveling with fates for the most part.

Lessee, any DF horror/humor stories? I messed up a mudra or two getting NIN from level 59 to 60, and in this one particular run of Gubal NM, the healer and other DPS mentioned I should perform the Huton buff as often as I could. I let them know that this was not my main class and that I had misclicked, and I was trying. They left it at that, did not fuss at me further, and we continued on our merry way. That went much better than me trying to cheese my way through level 53 MNK in level 51 Dusk Vigil. The healer on that doomed run would not stop fussing at me for not keeping greased lightning up and messing up my positionals because there was too much AOE poo being flung for me to stand still and brain the things. Ugh. I never did perform another dungeon as MNK thereafter.

UHHHMMM, what else… Continuing the casual crafting/gathering grind with Ixali beast tribe turn-ins and grand company missions daily. I’m somewhat stuck on the quest to unlock rank 5 with Ixali, as I can’t seem to pull high quality results out of my ass. I tinker with it when I can but again, I don’t know what I’m doing and I just want to get past the thing so I can get on with it. I try different things but still break the thing or derp it into normal quality because me. But the GC turn-ins I do daily. I get a level about every 3 days per class. Most are around level 30 now. I have yet to do a class quest since level 1 for any DoL/DoH class. I should make a day of that soon.

OH! Quick ninja edit here–I forgot the most exciting part–I moved houses! I had a plot in the goblet, and have been slowly gathering funds for a potential medium house down the line. I actually asked Pres and Lady to grab their stuff out of the cottage so that I could pick up and go if I needed to. I ended up doing so that night, as there was a plot open, still a small one but in lavender beds. I moved in, gave Pres & Lady access (along with Momo) again, and we’ve been playing house since. I’m very, very happy with it. It will do for now. ^^

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